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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from Decision Day.

Decision Day was a bit of a bust for FC Dallas this year as they dropped a game to the Colorado Rapids 2-1.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the game…

Good first half, second half wasn’t good at all for us. We ended up just playing for two goals that came up from that situations that were controlled. We didn’t resolve well, there’s not much to dig into it. We have the responsibility in these couple days just to bounce back and just face the playoffs that the boys have been earning the right to play in and we’ll do it. It’s a situation where we could avoid a knockout round, but we are in a game in the middle of the week and it’s something that we have worked for during this year and we have the right to play, and we’ll play.

Mindset going into a Knockout Round…

Well first it’s just to put our heads in the right place, and obviously there’s this result that is hard to absorb, I said because we have control of the game and we have some chances just to put the game away. But it’s not too much time, the analysis has to be quick and the players will find our way back. There’s a playoff mode now, it is a playoff game... We have it in front of our fans, we have the game at home and it’s our responsibility to face it the best way possible.

Thoughts on the past three losses…

We have to always know how we get the result or how we lost them, then the analysis has been sharp there. At this time with the last three games there have been moments where we see a team, there has been others like the second half where we we lost that energy. But other than that we keep moving, it’s playoff time now and we have to face it.

Thoughts on Dominique Badji’s performance…

Dominique [Badji] had a very good first half, I think he had a lot of action that happened. He helped us to score the first goal, getting more connections there, I think he was more active there. In the second half, we just the whole team probably didn’t have the energy to continue, but I think it was good.

FC Dallas forward Dominique Badji

General thoughts on today’s match...

We came here with a game plan and we didn’t execute it.

It’s really disappointing. But we’ve got another game to play. We’ve got to figure it out and get ready to play Wednesday [or Thursday]. It’s not going to be an easy game but it’s definitely a game that we want to get a good result in so we can show what we can do because today we didn’t show the team that we usually are.

On his assist…

Good pass by [Roland] Lamah. Got my head up in the box. Saw Maxi [Urruti] was there and just tried to connect with him and he had a good finish.

On his chemistry with Maxi [Urruti]…

You could say that. We’ve been working on it and it finally showed on the field.

FC Dallas forward Maxi Urruti

Thoughts on tonight’s match...

We came here looking for three points, but we weren’t able to get them. Now it’s time to focus for Wednesday or Thursday because the playoffs have started.

They had two chances where they were able to convert. It was a strange game. They had many games where they weren’t doing well, until this last game where they played with everything they had. But we have to focus for Wednesday or Thursday.

What is the mindset going into playoffs?

It’s similar to how we’ve played all year. Play the ball well. We just have to continue to work well and focus on what’s coming, the playoffs.