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Quick Burns: What sponsor do you want to see on FC Dallas’ sleeve in 2020?

What company do you want to see on the sleeve of FC Dallas kits in 2020?

Major League Soccer unveiled the ability for teams to add an additional jersey sponsor to their kits beginning in 2020 in the form of a sleeve patch.

The patch will replace and measure roughly the same size as the existing MLS logo (approximately 2.5 by 2.5 inches). The sleeve patch will be available for a four-year pilot program and only to clubs that have already secured a primary jersey sponsor.

So with that, what kind of sponsor does our staff want to see on the sleeve?

Ben Lyon- Whataburger

In the past I’ve suggested the NRA or perhaps Exxon-Mobil as both would spice up the stadium experience. However, in these turbulent times, we need something that fans can rally around despite differing tastes and culture. Few things do the trick for Texans better than Whataburger.

Also, we definitely need Sonny Carl announcing the starting lineups.

Jeff Loftin - Fuel City Tacos

I mean seriously let’s get something that’s Dallas related onto the team. Yes, it’s far away from the team and yes it is best late at night but Fuel City has some freaking delicious tacos. Make. It. Happen. Either that or go with Whataburger because nom nom.

Drew Epperley - Peticolas Brewing

I know the Budweiser crap in the North End of the stadium will likely prohibit this one but one can dream right?

El Chico Carmona - PES 2021

I shot from the hip on this one, but what's funnier than having your rival, advertising you.

Pro Evolution Soccer is EASports FIFA biggest rivals, and could have themselves promoted on the field, and in the rival games screens.