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FC Dallas vs. Sporting Kansas City: Player Ratings

Sunday FCD suffered one of their toughest losses of the season.

MLS: Sporting KC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the player ratings, later than usual. I honestly had a hard time getting them done, simply because reviewing Sundays match was sheer torture.

There were simply so many things that went wrong, that it's frustrating to linger on them. Many of the things that went wrong have already been covered, from an inability to finish scoring opportunities, to giving up two PKs, just about anything that could go wrong, went wrong. I don’t even mind if you disagree with all the ratings, as I can easily be convinced that I was way too generous.

Man of the Match

Reggie Cannon (6.7) - I did not have Reggie as my highest rated player, even though he had a good game with plays like this:

Reggie is MotM because he showed the kind of fight that others just lacked. In a match where SKC came out swinging and being as physical as the refs permitted (they permitted a lot), Reggie matched their fire.

Jessie Gonzalez (6.5) - Jesse did his part, which in a match like this, requires him to keep the team in the match. There's only so much a keeper can do, and I can't fault Jesse too much for the final score line.

Matt Hedges (6.9) - Besides the foul that resulted in a clear PK early on, Matt had a pretty good game. It’s hard to believe that anyone, let alone two defenders had a good game, but they did. Just two of them.

Reto Ziegler (5.8) and Marquinhos Pedroso (5.6) - All you need to see, to know the kind of match Reto had, is this:

Instead of spitting out stats like I often do, I’m going to put on my tinfoil hat, and tell you my tinfoil theory - Reto wasn’t subbed out because he was playing badly (although he was), he was subbed out to avoid a red card. Reto leads MLS with three red cards (yes, a player on FCD leads MLS in something), and all three red cards have been of the retaliatory kind. The game on Sunday was getting mighty chippy, and Reto just doesn’t strike me as a player that will put up with that crap for a full 90 minutes. OK, removing my tinfoil hat.

The backline combined for 35 defensive actions, and nine aerials won. Pedroso accounted for five of those defensive actions, one aerial won, three fouls given, with one of them was a yellow that lead to the final goal. Pedroso is getting targeted more and more as the season progresses, and I’m not sure he has handled it as well ar Reggie Canon has. It could very well be a huge weakness come playoff time.

Carlos Grueso (6.2) & Victor Ulloa (6.1) - Games like this highlight the weakness of the Ulloa and Grueso pairing, when FCD falls behind, their strengths of protecting the backline, and managing the midfield, become a huge liability. When FCD fell two behind, there was not a single FCD fan who thought “Ulloa or Grueso will get one back for FCD”. The answer is simple, neither of them is a real offensive threat, and FCD has to keep games low scoring to have a real chance to win.

Badji ( 6.1), Santi (6.3), & Maxi (6.4) - Otherwise known as the must frustrating attacking trio in MLS. Santi started strong, but faded to the point that I didn’t even realize he was still on the field in the second half. Maxi does a lot of great things, but scoring of late isn’t one of those things. Maxi is streaky, and he is currently on the wrong kind of streak. Badji on the other hand, has done everything he can to make FCD fans long for the return of Cristian Colman. I have heard more praise for Colman in the short time he has been gone, than in the rest of his entire time with FCD. Badji has everything to do with that.

Michael Barrios (6.9) - Barrios had yet another great game, where he failed to score. I’m not hard on him, because of this:


Roland Lamah (6.5), Pablo Aranguiz (6.3), & Tesho Akindele (5.9) - The bench played rather well (except for Tesho), but considering the final score, they did not play well enough.

Oscar Pareja (5.9) - Oscar can’t be entirely blamed for his team’s failure to score. He can be blamed for being out coached, and judging by the other team getting most of the calls going their way, his opponent did a better job of working the refs.