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East Stand View: What a Finale

This wasn’t exactly how I imagined it going.

MLS: Sporting KC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The stadium was packed for the final home game of the regular season. It’s almost like they had given away as many free tickets to season ticket holders as requested so they could pass them out for the match. The good part about having this many people is that the stadium can get quite rowdy. The down side to having this many people show up is that sometimes the game doesn’t exactly go your way. This game did not exactly go our way.

Free Tickets

Who knew, give away a few thousand free tickets and everyone decides to show up. The 4 pm start time meant that the sun was definitely a factor for those sitting on the east side of the stadium. It was warming, and definitely gave you your daily required amount of vitamin D. It was also a factor in terms of limiting the ability to see for the first half and part of the second half. Once the shade reached you though, you had a clear view of the horrible, horrible game being played out on the field of play.

Horrific Performance

Holy Lord. Not sure if our heart was ever in this game. Barrios was the most exciting part, and Urruti seemed up for it every now and again. But even the tireless Maxi didn’t seem to be going at full speed for most of this match. FC Dallas didn’t exactly look like a playoff team during this match, and it might seem like our scoring woes continue as it has been a month since we’ve scored against a team not named ‘Orlando City’.

At least the loyal crowd stayed while we were losing. Until Spork Kansas City knocked in the 2nd goal, then a few people started heading to the exits. Once the third goal hit the back of the net though, then large swaths of people started heading for the exits. They were tired of what they were seeing out there on the field and who could blame them. On the bright side, the traffic wasn’t that bad after the game as a result of people leaving so early. There’s always a positive even in the darkest times.

And finally your fan quote of the night: “Ok, raise your hand, if you think pizza is the best food.” - little girl to her family, but audible enough to draw some chuckles. She made us smile in a episode of despair and agony.

Did you get hit by the sun’s intense rays of light for the first part of the match? Did you leave the game early, or have you ever left a game early in disgust? Do you think pizza is the best food? Let me know in the comments below!