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East Stand View: Late Night

The game barely kept me awake.

MLS: FC Dallas at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

It was a nice Saturday night outside in the DFW area. Nice weather and a full day of college football led up to a game that would possibly be a preview to a playoff match up. It was also a game that was scheduled on a west coast time zone clock with a 9:30pm start time. With the season wrapping up though, we need to get our fill of FC Dallas soccer while it’s here even if it means sacrificing a couple hours of sleep. Timbers fans had no trouble with the start time however...

Portland Timbers

Portland is a team that will more than likely be in the playoffs come the end of the month. The way we played them in their building though gives a good amount of hope to a future playoff match up with the Timbers. Partially from their play and partially from our play. Our press was great, chances created were nice but needed better finishes (like usual) and we limited them to a couple of chances. Then their mistakes made me wonder how they’ve gotten to where they are record wise.

The Timbers had a comical chance where two of their players both swung for the ball and ended up ruining the chance for each other. It was probably the best moment of the game that was lacking in action. Then there was the Liam Ridgewell red card. Guess he was practicing karate while over in Portland, as he kicked straight out into the back of Lamah’s leg in a moment of insanity.

The Late, Late Show

It happens when the Texas Rangers visit the west coast, and unfortunately it also happens when FC Dallas visits the west coast. Time zones are unfriendly to teams visiting on the west coast, as it was around 11:15pm before the game was over. Which, is way past most of our bedtimes. Part of this show showcased another golden opportunity wasted by Cristian Colman, a Paraguay national team player. Hopefully the time away with Paraguay will help him find his form? Should we put him on a cruise? The man is truly an enigma.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “My buddy is at game and said he saw poop coming down Powell’s leg when he walked by... do you poop when you get KO’d?” /u/EasternShorebird. Wow.

Did you stay up to watch the entire game against Portland or did you fall asleep during that boring first half? Was the red card against Liam Ridgewell deserve the red card for kicking Lamah? Do you really poop yourself when you’re knocked out? Let me know in the comments below!