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East Stand View: Twittervision

We got to watch a real gut punch on Twitter.

MLS: FC Dallas at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rainy weekend in Dallas, with mother nature just piling it on the DFW area and bringing a seasonal change in the span of a weekend. It was a day to stay at home, stay off the roads and bundle up type day. With FC Dallas visiting the nation’s capital, they were set to take on one of the hottest teams in the MLS in their new home stadium of Audi field. On Twitter, we had Univision commentators which sounded like my uncle from Mexico and his son commentating on a game. First though, can we talk about how wasteful we were?

The Game

We looked good for most of the game. FC Dallas looked dangerous, looked likely to score for good chunks of the game but wound up with a big fat zero on our side of the scoreboard. Whether it was a cross just barely being off, a key pass not being played or one of the seemingly 30 shots we tried from outside the box that all landed in D.C. United’s old stadium RFK. I can only assume our entire offense was thrown off by the scary masked man roaming the field in the form of Chris Durkin.

Alas, it was an unfair result when looking at how many shots we skied. A gut punching result that the fan base shouldn’t overreact about but likely will. This was a good DC United team at home with a mission to make the playoffs against an FC Dallas team who was on the road with playoffs already clinched. Can’t be too upset about this result if you’re looking at it through a lens of reasonableness.


Didn’t know the Twitter feed was was being done by the same guys that make the professional Call of Duty gamer videos. The lens glare was interesting to say the least. It also sounded like the Twitter guys got a little bored and started playing music over the feed at random times. Either they were watching YouTube videos or it’s a new thing Twitter is trying out? Either way, kinda weird. I’m ok with basketball playing music during possessions in NBA regular season games, but not sure if I like music during run of play for soccer.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “OH NOW ITS ARANGUIZ TIME? jesus wept” /u/kmiltz7

Did you watch the English or Spanish language broadcast? Will Aranguiz ever see the field for more than 200 seconds a game? Did you appreciate the creative direction the Univision people are taking with lens flare and the music? Let me know in the comments below!