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October Outlook: What seed will FC Dallas have come playoff time?

Four games remain between FC Dallas and a shot at post season glory.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It feels weird even thinking that we’re already in October. But we are. October is here as FC Dallas has locked up a playoff spot and will now look to secure a top seed as well in the final four weeks of the regular season.

Let’s dive into the remaining games and see where the last bit of points will come from this season.

Orlando City - home - October 6 (7:00 pm)

Up first is a match with a team that is pretty much eliminated from playoff contention. The Lions have played two fewer games than their Eastern Conference rivals but some how aren’t officially eliminated from contention. That should all change this weekend with a trip to Frisco. Orlando has just two wins in their last 20 matches this season.

D.C. United - away - October 13 (3:55 pm)

This could easily be the trickiest game of the month as FC Dallas visits Audi Field for the first time. DCU look like a team that no one wants to face right now, thanks to the home-loaded schedule that they were given in the second half of the season. United currently sit two points shy of a playoff spot in the East, which means they’ll be desperate for points in this one. That Wayne Rooney-Matt Hedges matchup is going to be entertaining to say the least though.

Sporting Kansas City - home - October 21 (4:00 pm)

The final home game of the season also sees the grand opening of the new National Soccer Hall of Fame. This is one of those weird weekends that could trip up a team but if FC Dallas is still at the top of the Western Conference table, this could be the game that locks up home field advantage in the playoffs.

Colorado Rapids - away - October 28 (3:30 pm)

Decision Day may be a bit of a let down this season as compared to previous years but this should still be an important game. Not only is it the first meeting between the two sides since the Kellyn Acosta-Dominque Badji trade but it will help us know where and when we’ll be playing in the playoffs.


Let me just say that if you had asked if me at the start of the season that if FC Dallas got 54 points on the season, if I would be happy. I would have easily said yes. But here we are at 54 points with four games to go and somehow they could end up with a maximum of 66 points! Crazy.

Now I don’t think they’ll get all the way to 64 but I do think another 60 point season is doable with these four games. The two home games need to be wins but I think they could also come away with four points on those two road games as well.

What do you think is a doable number this month? Six points? All 12? Or somewhere in-between?