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Homegrown Watch: Who is next for FC Dallas to sign?

After signing Brandon Servania this week, the big question is always, who is next?

FC Dallas Communications

Who’s got next? That always appears to be the question when FC Dallas signs a Homegrown player like they did on Wednesday morning with Brandon Servania. He became number 19 in the long history of HGP signings.

After last seasons flurry of HGP signings, many of you have asked us when and who would be the next one out of the academy to join the senior squad. Servania was always tapped as one of the top potentials in my book and now it is time to look at who could join him this winter or at some point down the road.

Since it has been so long since our last Homegrown Watch list, I’m going to group some of these players by most likely to least likely to sign this winter.

Brandon Terwege (Defender, currently at UCLA)

A lot of you have been mentioning that Terwege should be next and right now I’m on board with that logic. He was apart of the Dallas Cup Super Group winning team last year and helped win a U-16 and U-18 national title for FCD.

He had a strong freshman year at UCLA and like Servania, he contributed a lot of minutes. Given the need for depth in the defense, Terwege, would slot in nicely in the middle behind a Matt Hedges or recently signed Reto Ziegler.

Chris Richards (Defender)

The lanky 17-year old has been seen at FC Dallas training a lot over the last few months. He definitely has the physical tools to make it in MLS but could use a little seasoning in a rookie year in the USL. Should things not pan out with signing Terwege this offseason, Richards would be a natural second choice to help provide depth in the defense.

Dante Sealy (Forward)

You could easily say the 14-year old is a long shot at signing this winter and you’d be right. But Bryan Reynolds was also a long shot before last fall and look how that has panned out so far. I could see Sealy going the exact same route as Reynolds with his time spent on the academy and national team front than with FCD. He’s been playing up a couple age brackets for a while and has recently represented the US U-17s at the Nike Friendlies.

And yes, if you didn’t know by now, he is the son of former FCD forward Scott Sealy.

Ben Hale (Keeper, Furman)

Should FCD want to add a third keeper this winter (my gut tells me they won’t), the most logical one to add would be Hale. You may remember Hale for helping guide FCD to a national title a couple years ago before injuring his ACL. He sat out 2016 at Furman but came on strong this past fall with 19 starts and a goals against average of 0.95. To me, it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ with Hale but ‘when’.

Chris Cappis - (Midfielder)

Cappis is another player that has been seen at FCD training this past fall but the downside to him is he only joined the FCD academy in 2017. He’ll have to wait a little while long before the club could even attempt to signing him.

Others to consider down the road:

  • Benjamin Redzic - (Midfielder/Forward)
  • Bryan Padilla (Midfielder/Forward)
  • Diego Pareja (Midfielder)
  • Michael Collodi (Keeper)