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MLS Draft 2018: Three draft day scenarios for FC Dallas

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Move up? Move down? Or stay put?

MLS: MLS SuperDraft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Draft strategies in Major League Soccer are and should be fairly simple: get the best player available, fill a need on the roster or find a way to make some allocation through trades.

All of that is still true to this day with this year’s draft for FC Dallas, who pick in the 11th spot in this year’s first round thanks to their rough finish in 2017. Just like last year, the team has three picks in the first two round to figure out, with the first being in a decent enough position to move around.

Stay put and get the best available player

There is always value to be found in this draft and picking right in the middle of the first round like they are isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A lot could easily change with teams trading up above them or teams moving out of the top ten.

Given the current FCD roster, it makes sense to draft the best available player. Dallas added a couple Homegrown defenders to help fill out their depth charts in those respective positions, which lessens the need to draft a defender in my mind. That is unless he is the best player on the board. Defensive depth is still good to have in this league.

The 11th pick has had a good history of solid players like our own Matt Hedges or SKC’s Roger Espinoza.

Trade up and go all in on a top prospect

It has been a couple years since we’ve been able to see FC Dallas even have a shot at doing something like this under Oscar Pareja. The strong finishes to 2015 and 2016 left the team drafting lower in the first round but this draft could end up being a lot like Pareja’s first in 2014, the year that he and Fernando Clavijo traded their way through the first half of the draft.

FCD had one of their own in Lucci Gonzalez at the Combine this past week, coaching one of the teams. He got good knowledge of several top prospects including GA target Mo Adams (Syracuse) and MAC Hermann trophy winner Jon Bakero (Wake Forest).

Trade down and pick up allocation

To me there is nothing wrong with snagging some extra allocation money from this draft to help use towards a new signing down the road. We know Dallas has a slew of allocation banked up thanks to the Walker Zimmerman trade.

This draft class does have some talent in it based on some things I saw at the Combine but given the needs of this team, and if they get a good deal offered from a club that wants to move up, or in the case of Philadelphia, move into the first round, I say do it. Make that trade, take that money and draft lower.

What would you like to see FC Dallas do tomorrow? Move up, stay put or move down?