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MLS Mock Draft 2018: FC Dallas selects Edward Opoku and two others

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FC Dallas gets a Generation adidas player in the mock draft.

MLS: Combine Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 MLS SuperDraft is right around the corner as teams will select players on Friday morning in the annual draft.

The SBNation MLS blogs got together this past Sunday to conduct a mock draft of our own with managers from each blog participating. FC Dallas had one first round pick and two in the second round.

First Round - Pick #11 - Edward Opoku (Generation adidas, University of Virginia), F

The first pick was all about getting value and something that wouldn’t count against the salary cap. Given the recent Homegrown signings of Brandon Servania, Kris Reaves, and Jordan Cano, it didn’t seem likely that FC Dallas needed to select a defender with this pick unless it was the best available player.

Opoku may not be something the club absolutely needs right this second as he’ll get in competition with the likes of Jesus Ferreira, Paxton Pomykal, and Bryan Reynolds for those limited minutes. Oscar Pareja could use his blazing speed and move him out to the wings. He has good one-v-one abilities and was a dominant force in the ACC these last two years.

Second Round - Pick #29 - Mauro Cichero (SMU), M

Again, FC Dallas goes with value rather than need in this spot as Cichero could potentially be a player to help back up Mauro Diaz in the midfield. The only downside of Cichero is that he is coming off a rough injury from this past season. If he is able to bounce back from his knee injury, he’ll be a solid and potentially underrated addition to help contribute in the midfield.

Second Round - Pick #34 - Cory Brown (Xavier), D

Second round picks are always a bit of a toss up these days but Brown brings additional defensive depth to the team as he can play right back or central defense. Scouts claim that he is a solid defender that reads the game well and has good size.