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Quick Burns: What is one area FC Dallas still needs to improve on this offseason?

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There is still plenty of work to be done on this roster.

MLS: FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It seems weird to think this but the offseason is actually coming to a close here in the next few days for FC Dallas. The MLS SuperDraft is later this week and preseason camps begin opening up the following week.

But with all the recent Homegrown signings, there are still roster holes to fill and things to improve upon before the team hits the field. We’ve asked our staff to dive into one item that they want to see improved before the offseason comes to a close.

Jeff Loftin - Defensive Organization

What really fell apart in the second half of the season in 2017 was the defense. By defense I mean team defense, and it was atrocious. Team communication defensively was poor to say the least, and the team just looked out of sorts. Being organized defensively also helps the team be better set up to quickly break and attack. Yes, there is a lot of change along the back, but I personally think that is a good thing as I am not sure that our defenders last year had the positional discipline to really hold up over a whole season when our offense was not producing at a good clip. Genuinely I have little idea how we will actually line up, but if we are organized defensively I feel that the results will take care of themselves. Lastly, teams that are crazily well organized defensively tend to not go on months-long streams of poor results because they simply do not let goals pour in.

Jose Carmona - Left Wing upgrade, and a solid backup for Mauro

I’m not fully convinced that Lamah will improve in his second MLS season, heck, I’d settle for some consistency out of him. FC Dallas needs to bring in another option on the Left Wing, and preferably a younger, faster player than Lamah. Should FC Dallas fail to add someone to push Lamah for his job, I will most certainly be very disappointed with this offseason.

Let’s not forget about just how fragile the player pulling the strings of the FC Dallas attack is. FC Dallas needs to bring in a capable backup for Mauro Diaz. While FC Dallas may already have several players on the roster that they feel confident could spell Mauro, I’d still feel a ton more comfortable with a proven backup option.

Jason Poon - Attacker

I’m still thinking that Dallas will lose either Maximiliano Urruti or Michael Barrios this off-season, if not both. Adding someone like Lee Nguyen (#BringLeeHome, #Lee2FCD) will negate those losses as Nguyen is versatile enough to play in any attacking position.

Scott Hiney - Final Third Talent

I’ve learned it’s always smart to go with Jason. And likewise, I think FCD still needs to add not only depth, but real talent in the attacking zone. Whether it be an attacking midfielder or winger, this team is at it’s best when Diaz and his forwards are flanking defenses. But as it stands, Diaz probably won’t eclipse 20 starts (please prove me wrong) and only Barrios has shown his ability to be a consistent threat.

Nathan Hill - Chicharito

If there is one thing we lack, it is a DP and a big name to draw the curious eyes of onlookers in the DFW area. It’s time for Chicharito. Sure, let’s bring Lee Nguyen home too, but this move, though it might ask Hunt and Co to dig deep, would revitalize FC Dallas’ image and let the rest of the league know that we are going for it. Tickets will sell. Turkey legs will be eaten. Beer will be spilled. Goals will be scored. It’s time.

Drew Epperley - Offensive option off the bench

Part of me deep down believes that when this team is on their game offensively, they’re really tough to stop. The problem I see right now is the depth in the attack off the bench. While this team has lots of Homegrown options, there really isn’t that home run threat off the bench to make big impacts in those 70-90 minute areas of the game.