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FC Dallas Signs Homegrown Defender Jordan Cano

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FCD signs another HGP to their roster

SMU Athletics // George Walker

As if pushing the league record to 20 Homegrown signings yesterday wasn’t enough, FC Dallas announced today that they’ve signed defender Jordan Cano to a Homegrown contract. Cano becomes the team’s 21st Homegrown player, as Dallas doubles down on their commitment to youth.

Jordan Cano was a bit a surprise around here, as we heard other players’ names ahead of him, but the Dallas native brings a wealth of college experience having played four seasons down the highway at SMU. He’s started 75 collegiate games and is the reigning American Athletic Conference Defender of the Year.

Cano spent four years with the Academy, having joined in 2011. He knows head coach Oscar Pareja well, as Pareja was the Academy’s director at the time and current assistant coach, Josema Bazan was his coach too.

Barring any kind of player trade or outgoing transfer, it seems like the defense is pretty much set heading into 2018.