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Preseason Stock Report: Where things stand for FC Dallas

Some players have shined, while others are seeing their playing time shrink.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason is nearly over for FC Dallas as they are half way through their Arizona trip. We’ve seen the team play enough over the last couple of weeks to know where they could potentially go with things. Oscar Pareja has rolled out a new look, which has some players looking good and others seeing their play time decrease.

Below is a quick look at who we think are seeing their stock rise this preseason and who is seeing their’s decrease.

Up: Mauro Diaz

Mauro is back to doing Mauro things these days and that is a great thing to see for all FC Dallas fans. I know I spent part of the offseason pondering and wondering whether or not it was time to move on from Diaz altogether but so far this preseason he is making me forget those thoughts.

So far this preseason he has contributed a couple of assists on free kicks and as of yesterday, one goal.

I think the important part is his health is finally back to where it was in 2016. If Oscar Pareja can find ways to keep him engaged throughout the season (and having a happy Maxi Urruti may be the answer there), then we’re going to be just fine.

Down: Roland Lamah

If drafting two Generation adidas wingers in the first round of the SuperDraft wasn’t enough cause for concern for the veteran, adding in a big DP signing this month has to put him on edge a bit for his playing time this season. So far in the preseason we haven’t seen Lamah with the first team all that much either. Paxton Pomykal, Tesho Akindele and Ryan Hollingshead have gotten more minutes over him on the left wing.

What I do think is we’ll see him more in the middle of the attack this season when he is on the field. With the shift to a 3-5-2 in the works, Lamah may actually be better suited for a central role like we saw at times last year late in the season. His speed isn’t quite there for that look but his ability on the ball could still get him minutes in Pareja does commit to that new look.

Up: Reggie Cannon

Reggie is also a big topic of discussion this preseason. So far he has been the feature right back or right wing back depending on how you look at the formations. He may still have some growing to do but if he can continue to develop the way that we are seeing him go right now, there is no doubt in my mind he could end up being an All-Star caliber right back for this team.

Down: Maynor Figueroa

His stock may be down because of new signings and Homegrown players added in the defense but I see this as a positive thing for Maynor. Last year he carried the defense at times when he wasn’t even really asked to. This year he can come off the bench in late-game situations and be a calming presence that the team needs in those situations. I see him almost being in that Atiba Harris role but better.

Up: Brandon Servania and Jacori Hayes

I’m lumping these two together for a couple of reasons. For starters, I think both of them are going to see a lot of minutes this season (and not just in Open Cup games). Hayes looks like he is growing more comfortable as a player going into his second year and Servania just looks the part on the field when he is out there.

Down: Victor Ulloa

But because of those two stepping up in the midfield, it may be pushing a guy like Victor out of the way in the depth charts. I think the saving grace for Ulloa this year is the fact that he is an “Oscar guy”. Pareja knows what he can get out of him in different spots of the season. My guy just tells me he will be one of the first off the bench.

Who is up in your eyes so far? What about on the other side, anyone looking down for you? Let us know below.