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Quick Burns: What amount of points does FC Dallas realistically need to get to reach the playoffs?

It is that time of the year again, where magic numbers are all the rage. But what does our staff think we really need to get?

MLS: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Every year when the calendar hits September, pundits and researchers around the league begin calculating the total number of points a team will need to clinch a playoff spot.

While we’ll leave the actual numbers down to folks like the probabilities or even MLS’s own, we thought we’d discuss what point total we think FC Dallas will realistically get in their final eight games.

Nathan Hill - 46-50 points

The stretch run is going to be vicious and nasty. FC Dallas needs all the points it can get. With 37 points before the weekend, I imagine another 9-12 should get things done, but with the way the team has been playing, some big road wins might be needed to really secure a good spot. Another loss or dropped points at home could do us in. Now is the time to find that third or fourth gear. It begins with Atlanta.

Jason Poon - 48 points

Looking at the remaining schedule, I think it’s reasonable to see FCD pick up 11 points the rest of the way. Depending on Mauro “Magical Unicorn” Diaz’s return to health, it could be even more. (Yes, I’m writing that specific nickname in just to mess with Ben who’s writing simultaneously below me as I’m typing.)

Ben Lyon - 47 points

Sweep the home games and pick up one measly point against some relatively weak road competition, and we’re in. I’m anticipating this being easily exceeded with the return of Super Mauro (sorry, I’m not a Brony, and I refuse to participate in nickname that shall not be named).

Jeff Loftin - 54 points

I am by no means an eternal optimist, but in this one case I feel that the international break was really good for the boys in Frisco. I see FCD sweeping at home, picking up two wins (@ Colorado & Minnesota) and two draws (@Atlanta & Orlando) on the road with only one loss (@ Seattle). Call me crazy - but I see FCD being competitive for a top 2 spot in the playoffs and pushing for the conference title.

Drew Epperley - 49 points

Three wins, three draws. Just based on how weak the remaining schedule appears (on paper), there should be no way this team doesn’t get back on track and find points before the season. It will be big if they can sneak into at least the 4th spot in the conference to avoid that knockout game.