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What we learned: Jacori Hayes made a mistake, but deserves another chance

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Should VAR be allowed to review double yellow card incidents?

MLS: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas managed to take a point and climb back over the red playoff line, and left a more positive vibe after this game than in previous games. Not everything is going well for FC Dallas, but this game proved that FCD is looking to put up a good fight for the title in the playoffs.

Hayes had an interesting game...

Jacori Hayes deserved his start in this match. He had been performing well for the Tulsa Roughnecks, and it would be interesting to tell if his passing, movement, vision, and defensive ability would convert from USL to MLS. Hayes played well, and was one of the best players on the pitch, before being sent off for getting two yellow cards.

Fighting for a spot on the team, Hayes played with intensity, but unfortunately, that translated to him making several tackles that put him at risk of getting carded. He perhaps should not have gone into so many of those hard tackles, but it was frustrating to see what Jacori Hayes was sent off for.

His first yellow card was a strange situation, because the referee didn't signal advantage, but after the ball went out of play, he issued a yellow card to Hayes. It was a rough challenge, but a yellow seemed harsh.

The second yellow was hard to believe. Yes, Jacori Hayes should not have gone in with the tackle, but every time I watch this play, I see a fair challenge that is a borderline foul, but definitely not a yellow card.

Jacori Hayes getting two yellow cards really changed the game, but it is worth looking at the positives of Hayes before his sending off, and to give him more chances on the field. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes. He looks like he could be a really great player. Kellyn Acosta had a similar incident where he got sent off early on in a game back in 2015. Coincidentally, it was the same referee, Kevin Stott, who gave both Acosta and Hayes their red cards. Kellyn Acosta was able to recover and not let the situation get into his head during future performances.

It is also worth the thought that maybe second yellows should be able to be reviewed by VAR. What VAR is supposed to do is correct big calls that change a game without interfering with the game too much. The reason VAR can't review second yellows is that it supposedly would take too much time. The process of a sending off takes a lot of time anyways, though, and in the time it takes before play continues, the fifth referee that is hired to manage video reviews should easily be able check both yellow card offenses and alert the center ref if there is a mistake in one or both of them. The red card definitely changed the game. It made a draw an unlikely heroic from FC Dallas; without the red card, a draw would have been disappointing. It is hypocritical of the system to be able to review FC Dallas' goal a few weeks ago against the Colorado Rapids, but not be able to take a look back at Jacori Hayes' sending off.

Here is another thought:

After a player has already received a yellow card, it is possible for them to get a straight red card if a second offense that is bad enough is committed. The penalty for that is a longer suspension then when a player gets a second yellow. Would that red card then be eligible for review? It seems that it's shouldn't be, but supposedly all red cards that aren't second yellow cards are reviewed.

The fight and heart of Barrios.

All night, Michael Barrios was actively fighting for his team against the New York Red Bulls . Many of FC Dallas' good chances going forward stemmed from Barrios, including both of FCD's goals. The Colombian winger should not be taken for granted. He always brings energy and life into the attack, even when things aren't all going right for the team. Even being a man down, Barrios found the energy reserves left in him to find space and create chances. He takes my vote for Workhorse of the Week.

The partnership between Michael Barrios and Hernan Grana on the right side of the field showed well.

This interplay between them that set up space for Barrios to cross the ball is great, and we can see what the two players can do to opposing defenses. Grana's goal is another positive example of their interplay.

Early-season Zimmerman IS back.

Last week, Walker Zimmerman played really well for the first time since his injury, which provoked me to ask rhetorically whether Zimmerman was back to his early-season form.

Against NYRB, Zimmerman again looked like he had when he came back from the USMNT's January camp this year. Defensively, he was dominant, and he also almost scored twice from set plays: once when his header was saved by NY Red Bull keeper Luis Robles, and another in second half stoppage time when his header hit the crossbar.

FC Dallas has work to do to prepare for the playoffs, but this game against the New York Red Bulls showed that the players on this team are fighting for their team, and have aspirations of a title. The slump has been a big concern, but if the players keep playing like they did this game, FC Dallas could move up to a better position in the standings before the playoffs arrive.