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$5 Million Dollars was not enough to buy Michael Barrios and Maxi Urruti

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Michael Barrios and Maxi Urruti have been huge pieces to FC Dallas’ offense.

MLS: Pachuca at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas rejected a lot of money when they declined San Lorenzo’s offer of $5 million for both Maxi Urruti and Michael Barrios. It was a bold statement by FC Dallas.

Michael Barrios has been a fantastic yet underrated player for years now with the club. His speed, and ability to use that speed, are huge assets to FC Dallas’ attack. Not only does Barrios just bring speed, but he consistently puts up the stats. He brought 7 goals in 2015 and 9 in 2016, and now in 2017, Barrios has only three goals so far, but with an impressive 13 assists.

Maxi Urruti has also been absolutely huge for this team, especially this year. The stats alone would be good for him as a starting striker in MLS, with 12 goals and 5 assists so far this season, but he brings more than just goals and assists. He is a workhorse, and one with a third lung. He fights hard for this team and this club, and has become a fan-favorite.

FC Dallas not only made good on their promise to focus on winning the MLS Cup, but they managed to keep two of the best players at their positions in MLS. $5 million is not enough to buy Maxi Urruti and Michael Barrios.

Here is a highlights video of Maxi Urruti and Michael Barrios so far this season alone. It has highlights up to the game against Columbus Crew SC, which was right before the final offer was made and rejected by FC Dallas: