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Ben's Fantasy (MLS Fantasy Manager Round 30)

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I’m ready to die on that hill.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So, I’m going to make this short and tease the rest of this season. I’ll still write up Fades, Ballers, and Specials because I’m in it until the bitter end. But, in the event that FC Dallas doesn’t win tonight, this season is effectively dead for me. There will be no comeback or happy ending. Once appearing to be a dream season, the club’s year will have ended in a nightmare. If that happens, all five of you will be in for a real treat over the next month. If not, well, then the season is still alive, but I might be throwing spitballs for the rest of the season anyway. With that, off we go for this crucial DGW with 14 teams playing twice this round. Dang.

Fool’s Gold: (Round 29. 2-2 (4.63), Season 18-15 (4.57 avg))

  1. Leandro Gonzalez Pirez D $7.2
  2. Nemanja Nikolic F $10.3
  3. Joe Bendik G $5.0
  4. Yamil Asad M $8.8

Nailed the Toronto fail- not so much with Atlanta. This week is all about dying on that hill though. Atlanta’s at the end of their 2 games a week stretch, and players are starting to get hurt. Additionally, they’ve got a road game this week. We’ll fade Pirez again and live with the consequences. Guzan goes off the list because his ownership is under 5%. I’ll throw in Asad because that screams chasing points.

As for my other fades this week, they need either one goal or cleansheet to be counted as losses this round. No bother- no cleansheet for Bendik, and it seems like Chicago’s been figured out. No goals for Nikolic this week.

Again- this is the avoid pile. Do so at your own peril. These are all popular players I’m fading in order to catch up. This end’s this week’s disclaimer.

Byrd’s Ballers: (Round 28. 3-0-2, Season 78-34-22)

  1. Ignacio Piatti M $11.7
  2. Nicolas Lodeiro M $12.0
  3. Romain Alessandrini M $10.6
  4. David Villa F $12.2
  5. Mauro Diaz M $10.9

Last round, Marks Man eked out honors over the previous week’s top scorer Furies. Watch out for Furies next year; they could be the league’s dark horse. Phil can go a long way to wrapping up the title this week, but clever plays and the right captain call this round could make it a game in the last month.

Piatti’s hot and Lodeiro offers a great low floor that’s worth the price this round. Alessandrini looks like he’s getting his groove back, and it’s only a matter of time before Villa springs for a brace- even with two road matches. Finally, the die on the hill pick this week is Mauro. He looks good, and that should be enough to lift our team out of the depths this week. The matchups are good, and it’s now or never. If you want differential, go FC Dallas this week. It’s worth dying on the hill for.

Skinflint’s Specials: (Round 29 3-2-0, Season 67-64-0)

  1. Kofi Opare D $4.9
  2. Julian Gressel M $4.2
  3. Anthony Jackson-Hamel $5.2
  4. Daniel Lovitz D $4.2
  5. Anton Walkes D $4.4

Almost verbatim from last week. The only switch is Opare for Donnie Smith, which was really a troll pick on my part. Don’t overthink it; all of these guys play 2 this round, and you probably only need a couple of these players by now anyway. Good luck!

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