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View from the East: No Words (Actually, Rant)

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There’s really nothing we can say at this point. So I wrote a rant.

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In what was supposed to be a trip up north to regain our mojo at least slightly against a team beneath us in the standings, it instead turned into Minnesota’s field day. Speaking of field, I forgot what it was like to watch a soccer game with gridiron lines on the field, thanks Minnesota for reminding me. The Loons also decided to remind me that FC Dallas’ fall from the top hasn’t reached the bottom just yet. There’s plenty of time to pile on more misery.

Minnesota’s stadium

TCF Stadium, its been the home to the University of Minnesota Gophers, the Minnesota Vikings, and now Minnesota United. The football lines were definitely an eyesore, but that stadium filled out nicely. It’s a 50k seater and looked to have a good amount of the lower bowl filled out. It certainly didn’t look like the slow start to their season slowed the attendance from really gaining traction up there in the Twin Cities. They already have a higher average attendance than us. That doesn’t make them special though, as everyone in the league has a higher average attendance than us for the MLS regular season. Props to them or whatever, let’s talk FCD.

Bye Playoffs?

We just lost to Minnesota United, a team once thought to be in the running for worst team in MLS history. There’s no way anyone would call Adrian Heath a miracle man, but we sure made him look like one on Saturday. MNUFC tore through our defense numerous times with ease with us sans Hedges. And who could forget Maynor on the last goal, that’s the kind of defending I do in my Sunday league. That whole sequence may be burned in your head for a while unless you had already shut off the TV, in which case, good choice.

Urruti had another VAR goal taken away. I sincerely think that Maxi’s list of reasons for moving to another league just had VAR added to the list. I think the Turkish league doesn’t have VAR yet. To add to that frustration we get a golden opportunity to tie it up being 2-1 down, and Bobby freaking Shuttleworth saved Diaz’s penalty. After that penalty save I seriously considered turning off the TV. It’s almost not worth the frustration anymore, it’s all heartache now.

It’s not the 10 game winless streak that cuts the deepest though. It’s the fact that we saw what this team was capable of at the beginning of the season. This group of, basically, the same players were on top of the MLS world after going undefeated in their first 9 games. The potential to be much better than recent results have shown is absolutely there. It’s difficult to restrain one’s anger and frustration when you see them on TV or live, and know for a fact they could do better. Depending on how we play against Colorado this Saturday, we could have to say goodbye to the 2017 season a little sooner than we anticipated. Which is a shame considering the lofty goals this team had coming into this season.

No fan quote of the night for this one. Just an image to sum this all up.

Anyone thinking I’m completely off of my head with this? Sure, statistics may give a percentage, but do you personally feel like we’re going to make it into the playoffs? Anyone think we’ll make a miracle run to the Cup? Let me know in the comments below!