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What to watch for against the Colorado Rapids

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We called them the Crapids and now we’re begging for points from them...

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There are five games left in the season. FC Dallas can, at best, squeak into the playoffs. The team is currently in the midst of a ten game winless streak and there is no sign that things will get better anytime soon.

And here you are, reading a scouting report on one bad, boring, and uninspired soccer team playing another bad, boring, and uninspired soccer team. I respect that.

Is this the end?
You can’t go into this week and not hope for a win. It feels like it’s due, inevitable, deserved. This is Colorado we’re talking about here. It’s a gimme. Many members of the Big D Staff (me included) predicted we would beat Minnesota, because well... they’re Minnesota and we’re used to beating teams like that. It may just now be sinking in that we are not invincible, or even one of the better teams in the league anymore. Are we going to finish next season in the middle of the table? Is Dallas no longer MLS royalty?

Giving up?

Oscar Pareja still believes this is the same team that won the Supporter’s Shield last year. I’m sure during this streak he lays and bed and thinks about what he is doing wrong. And he’s come to the answer that nothing is wrong. He hasn’t won since July and he still sticks to his guns and fields the same line up and plays the same way. I’m not sure if it’s conviction, confidence, or arrogance at this point. Does getting beat by a combined score of 7-1 to the two expansion teams prompt any change from Papi? If the past tells us anything, then I wouldn’t expect Pareja to shake things up, as disappointing as that may be.

Colorado are weak in the air

Many of Vancouver’s chances last week came from crosses. Fredy Montero scored in the forth minute with a header. He just found a cushion of space between the centerbacks to be able to put it in the net. We know that those cushions of space are going to be there, but the question is who is going to put the ball there? If Mauro has a good game he could be the answer, it could also be Barrios or Grana. Dallas hasn’t scored a lot of goals from headers this year, but Vancouver exposed one of Colorado’s (many) weaknesses and Dallas should do their best to exploit it.