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What We Learned vs Minnesota: FC Dallas is in desperation mode

FC Dallas’ goalscorer against Minnesota, Tesho Akindele, will be unavailable on Wednesday.

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is in desperation right now. This team needs points badly, and they had a good chance to grab some against an expansion team that is still trying to figure things out. Regardless of that, Minnesota United grabbed all three points from FC Dallas. Here are some thoughts on Saturday’s loss:

Starting Diaz would have helped FC Dallas get a result.

Mauro Diaz was a substitute so he could rest for the midweek game, so we’ll see if it pays off for that game, but it sure didn’t for the game against Minnesota. When subbed in, Diaz created opportunities. He would have been able to all game, because Minnesota’s defense was disorganized. FC Dallas could have used a passer like him or Kellyn Acosta. Acosta hasn’t been playing well lately, but he may have helped a little. Jacori Hayes is another guy that could’ve been playing the through balls in behind, but Pareja has made it clear that he doesn’t want to take risks with his lineup. It’s interesting to note though that Hayes was a substitute and Carlos Cermeno wasn’t.

A little bit of everything for Tesho.

Tesho Akindele had a wild game. He had several great plays and was probably FC Dallas’ most involved attacking player. He scored the lone Dallas goal, had a great header saved by Bobby Shuttleworth, hit the post, and made the pass to Diaz that lead to FCD earming a penalty kick. He also slipped in a good ball to Cristian Colmán, but Colmán wasn’t able to create a chance at goal with it. He also had some bad touches throughout the game, and had to leave the match early because he got a red card. At least he was fighting and showed signs of life during the game. He has been disappearing on the field in other games, but he sure didn’t in this one.

Defensive problems.

Last game against the Seattle Sounders, it was the defense that had a great game and the offense that didn’t. In this game against Minnesota, the roles were reversed. Going into Wednesday’s game, Matt Hedges will definitely help. Putting Kellyn Acosta in as a fullback might also not be a bad idea at the moment. I’d like to see it temporarily to help FCD get through these hard times. We’ll also have to see if Maynor Figueroa’s injury at the end of the game will affect him. There may be a chance that Pareja gives him a break midweek so he’s ready for next weekend.

Overall, FC Dallas failed to get any points against Minnesota, which is what matters in the end. Getting all three points against the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday is vital. They will have to do it without their best offensive threat against Minnesota, which was Tesho Akindele. Mauro Diaz will be rested and ready, though, and Kellyn Acosta and Matt Hedges should both be in the lineup.