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FC Dallas vs Minnesota United: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

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Another loss in the books for FC Dallas.

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas extended their season slump to ten games with a 4-1 loss on Saturday to Minnesota United.


General thoughts on the match…

Obviously, after a defeat like this when we gave up the kind of goals we gave up defensively, the first thing that comes to mind is that it was a very frustrating night defensively. I have to see the complete effort from the players… The guys just fought a lot of ups and downs. We started the game with a lot of intensity and created a lot of options to score. And then suddenly the game just changed. It started a rollercoaster for us. In the second half, we were very disorganized defensively. I have to take full responsibility not just for that, but for the way we managed the game.

We just lost our heads. We lost control of the game. Knowing that we could get back with the PK—it gave us a chance just to be in the game, but we had too many holes, and Minnesota was good. They took some counters and hit them on us. Once again, my players at this point, with the disappointment that it brings, I know they are going to keep looking for answers and looking for a way that will put us into the playoffs. And with the game today, this is a moment where I have to come and say, “This is something that needs to be fixed from me.”

On how FC Dallas keeps the focus knowing that the playoffs are out of their hands now…

It’s the same. We have been facing this moment for almost a month. We’re going to keep fighting. It’s the only way. I have a group of players that have shown well for the three and a half years we have been in this project. I don’t have any doubt we are going to try to turn things around and just try to bounce back. Today, I’ll just keep fighting with them. It’s what it is. The game is like that. We have to have the character to face it and say that we are going to keep fighting.


On his goal…

The first 10 minutes, [Michael] Barrios was just getting down to the line a lot. I know he’s got the speed to get there, so I was trying to make sure I was in a spot where, if the ball came to me I could score. The first time I almost got it, and then the second time I scored.

On the team’s first half performance…

That’s the team we are. I don’t know if after that we just lost focus and kind of relaxed, but I feel like the first 10 minutes shows the team that we are and the team that we can be. We were on the front foot the whole time and then after we scored I feel like we just let off the gas. That’s on everybody.

On team’s mentality coming out after the first half…

Just to focus on one goal at a time. We created chances, I had a header that hit the post, Mauro [Diaz] had a PK. We created a lot of chances. We just have to be better finishers.

On looking ahead to Wednesday’s home game against Colorado…

We just have to win. We play at home. We just have to win a game, man.