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What to watch for against Minnesota United

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Can Dallas beat up on the basement dwellers?

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas looks to end a nine-game slump as they head north for the first time to battle expansion side Minnesota United.

Are we that bad?

Dallas have been poor this winless streak (that’s probably an understatement), but a strong opening to the season should carry us to the playoffs right? Well... FC Dallas currently sit in 8th place in the Western Conference, right above Minnesota at 9th (albeit nine points above them). Is FC Dallas’ 2017 season really comparable to the worse of the two new expansion teams? If the standings don’t tell the whole story and the product that the teams put out on the field means anything, Dallas has a fair claim to be the better team. Not that they’ve ever been incredibly impressive this season, but they have conceded 20 fewer goals than Minnesota. Hopefully Dallas can prove that standings don’t tell the whole story and they are much better than one spot above Minnesota this weekend.

How will Dallas handle Matt Hedges suspension?

At this point is his suspension even something to be concerned about? Dallas keeps running out the same XI, and I don’t think Matt Hedges is part of the problem, but you can’t be too worried that the team has to shake up the lineup during this run of form. At best Atiba slots back there and he has one of those games where you don’t really notice he’s playing and you think it might be Figueroa at centerback if you aren’t paying too much attention.

Late game heroics look unlikely

Minnesota certainly have their weaknesses, but losing a games late isn’t one of them. Minnesota are 5-0-0 when leading after the 60th minute, and 7-0-0 when leading after the 75th minute. Don’t expect any late heroics from Dallas to steal away a point from the Loons, they’re going to have to beat them in the first 60 minutes if they have any aspirations for a positive result.

This streak has been so bad that I have fond memories of drawing the Red Bulls at home. If Dallas can play anything like they did there, then we can soundly take three points, but the dismantling by Atlanta and the inability to create chances last week except from long shots and corners are too fresh in the mind to be optimistic about Dallas’ ability to outplay anyone for 60 minutes right now.