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FIFA 18: How the game rated FC Dallas players

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Who made a big jump and who did not?

EA Sports, FIFA 18

A new year gives (sort of) new ratings

It is that time of year again and no matter what system you choose to play on, FIFA 18’s release is upon us. You can find the ratings for FIFA 18 here. Ratings for FIFA 17 come from the September 29th ratings in 2016, found here. FC Dallas finally have their ratings for this year, and locker room bragging will commence in t-minus eight days. There are a few small surprises but most ratings will surprise no one.

Without much further ado, let’s take a look at this year’s ratings vs last year’s ratings for the guys on our roster and observe any changes.

FC Dallas FIFA Player Ratings

Name FIFA 17 Rating FIFA 18 Rating Change +/-
Name FIFA 17 Rating FIFA 18 Rating Change +/-
Maxi Urruti 70 73 3
Cristian Colman - 69
Tesho Akindele 68 67 -1
Adonijah Reid 56 56 0
Mauro Diaz 77 75 -2
Javier Morales 75 71 -4
Michael Barrios 71 73 2
Kellyn Acosta 68 72 4
Roland Lamah - 73
Carlos Gruezo 72 72 0
Victor Ulloa 67 68 1
Coy Craft 60 59 -1
Paxton Pomykal - 63
Carlos Cermeno - 62
Luis Gonzalez - 62
Jacory Hayes - 57
Matt Hedges 73 75 2
Walker Zimmerman 73 73 0
Ryan Hollingshead 70 66 -4
Maynor Figueroa 70 68 -2
Atiba Harris 66 66 0
Carlos Guillen 61 62 1
Hernan Grana - 70
Walker Hume - 63
Reggie Cannon - 58
Chris Seitz 68 67 -1
Jesse Gonzalez 64 68 4
September 29, 2016 vs September 21, 2017,

What does this say?

A few observations based on what we see now versus what we saw last year at this time:

  • Kellyn Acosta and Jesse Gonzalez have seen their stock rise the most of all players on the team.
  • Javier Morales & Ryan Hollingshead dropped pretty precipitously from last year.
  • Maynor Figueroa & Mauro Diaz had smaller drops, but still substantial.
  • The team’s best overall 10 field players + best GK improved from last year (‘17 player average at 71.45 vs ‘18 player average at 72.27)

I have a few issues with the ratings, though not too awfully much if I am being honest with myself. First, Hernan Grana is rated too high. He should be closer to the mid 60s than a 70. Jesse’s increase in stats is likely a recovery from having him rated a bit too low last year, so I think 68 is a fair number. Mauro’s drop is not surprising based on his injury and his slow return to form. Lastly, I think Maxi’s rating of 73 from a 70 is the most impressive increase (actual number aside). Strikers improving their rating is essentially down to goals scored, and he has been scoring - well had been scoring - at a great clip. Glad to see him get recognized like he did. Barrios seeing a bump is nice, though I think he might be a bit too high. Oddly enough, he has nearly caught up to Castillo who dropped from a 76 to a 75 this year.

All things considered I would say that the team’s ratings are pretty accurate, and I can have very few actual quibbles about who is rated what. I’ve taken the liberty of creating a couple of possible lineups based on who we have in our best eleven for FIFA 18.

All told, nothing too terribly out of the ordinary. I think the three man defense has less than zero shot of happening, but I thought it would be fun to look at. Did anything surprise you about the player ratings? Tell us in the comments section, and give us your lineup using these eleven players. Oh, and get this for the Switch so I have someone to play against.