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Quick Burns: What would you give up to see FC Dallas win this weekend?

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At this point we’d do anything for three points.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’re desperate for three more points. Our favorite Stephen Keel gif has been on the shelf for far too long. So because FC Dallas is winless in their last nine, our staff is ready to give up some favorite things until the team finally bags three points.

Jason Poon - Coffee

I just looked it up and the last game I actually saw FC Dallas win was on July 4th. That’s 78 days ago. (I was traveling and didn’t catch the road win against Montreal.)

78. Days.

I literally have a 30 minute appointment, every morning, in my calendar that says “Coffee Time”. I’m willing to give up my morning caffeine addiction to savor the sweet, delicious taste of three points again.

Jeff Loftin - McDonald’s

Yeah, McDonald’s. Yes, that McDonald’s. Everyone says it’s gross (which it is) but everyone also concedes that it is delicious. You know you eat it, your friend will eat it, and everyone you know will eat it. The smell of their french fries makes everyone around you want some fries. I eat it more than I’d like to admit, but I’ll give it up to get 3 points again. No more nuggets, no more fries, just the sweetest taste ever - winning again.

Drew Epperley - Beer

I mean if you are going to give up something to see a win by this club, why not go all out? You can always celebrate with one after they win.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Air Conditioning

Cute, all of you. Try living in Texas without air conditioning. I hope these are all just hypotheticals, but I would seriously be willing to live without air conditioning for one Texas summer night if it would guarantee me an FC Dallas victory this weekend. Heck, give me one week without A/C for a guaranteed MLS Cup. Am I spoiled? Probably. Am I sacrificing more than these other guys? Absolutely.