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Quick Burns: When will FC Dallas pick up their next win?

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After eight winless weeks, the question has to be asked.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you are like us, you’ve probably been asking yourself when this current rough patch for FC Dallas will end.

We thought instead of one of our usual Quick Burn discussions, that we would dive into when we think the club will actually win next.

Jeff Loftin - Saturday

Saturday. Against Seattle. Being the worst team in MLS since the beginning of August has not been easy for anyone - fanbase, front office, players, coaching staff, etc. The reality is that the team has not been getting results. Some of that is bad luck, more of it is just bad play. Unfortunately this year the team has been punished for their mistakes much more than they were in seasons past. Hopefully the tide will turn and some lucky breaks will start to go the way of the good guys, and I believe that this weekend we snap our winless streak and break out in a good way.

Jason Poon - 2018

No more wins for this club in 2017. Get ready to be sad.

Nathan Hill - If they can’t win against Seattle, nothing matters anyway.

If this team can’t finally put together a half decent game at home and scrounge a 1-0 win against a weakened Seattle squad, then this team is done anyway. Future wins would be irrelevant. Points garnered in the following week would only satisfy some fan in a basement somewhere who keeps meticulous Excel spreadsheets for the purpose of impressing imaginary girlfriends. Essentially, everything would be meaningless. So, yeah....

Ben Lyon - No more predictions from me.

My predictions stink. I’ve lost too much money.

Etan Cohn - This Saturday

During the winless run, FC Dallas actually haven’t been outplayed by opponents except in the game against Vancouver that had an unspeakable result. Against Colorado, VAR took away what would hve been the game’s only goal. Against Houston, FCD almost took the victory. Against NYRB, FCD got a come-from-behind draw with 10-men most of the match.

I still think this team will get hot before the playoffs arrive, and that hopefully starts on Saturday against Seattle. I also think that getting a top two position in the Western Conference to get a first-round bye is an obtainable goal with a win this weekend. FC Dallas is extremely lucky that the Western Conference teams have generally not been strong this year at all compared to previous ones.

El Chico Carmona - This Weekend

Everything that could possibly go wrong for FCD, has gone wrong. I keep wondering what is wrong with this team, and the only thought that comes to mind is "Have you ever seen a more snake bitten team?"

Let's be honest, FCD has not played at a level deserving of an 8 game winless streak. Sure, the team has been inconsistent in those 8 games, but events that are completely out of the team's control, have conspired to keep this team from winning.

Enter Seattle, a team that is getting such a run of bad luck recently, that it looks like FCD is about to pass that bad ju-ju baton to Seattle and let them run with it for a while.

The schedule down the stretch is favorable for FCD, and Seattle will see to it that FCD starts that stretch off on the right foot.

Drew Epperley - Next Wednesday

For some reason I feel this weekend could easily be another draw for this group. I thought they were over the hump going into last Sunday’s game in Atlanta after their performance against New York but that was an absolute gut-punch in Georgia. Next week, the urgency will kick into full throttle and a win will finally emerge on the way to a playoff run.