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View from the East: Grand Opening

By ‘Grand Opening’, I mean our defensive line.

MLS: FC Dallas at Atlanta United FC Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a lazy Sunday, the weather was cooling off a little with highs for the day just creeping into the 80s. Atlanta was ready to reveal its’ new stadium with tens of thousands of fans there to see it. Prime time television, all interested MLS fans tuning in to see two supposedly high attacking offenses square off. Instead what the match divulged into was a good watch for the mass of Atlanta United supporters, for neutral spectators, and an absolutely miserable time for any FC Dallas fans watching.

New Stadium

Yeah, that stadium is pretty sweet, can’t knock their new home at all. The colors are pretty much the same as their football team housed in the same place so it definitely feels like their stadium despite them sharing it with an american football team. The football stadium they’ll be playing in isn’t the thing that gets me really jealous though. It’s the amount of support this expansion side already has. Jimmy freakin’ Carter showed up to the inaugural game for Atlanta! At least we got Dak...

Over 45,000 people showed up to root on the red and black on Sunday afternoon. The Atlanta Falcons were just wrapping up their win over the Bears, so that was even with their football team being on the TV during the time they’d have to be heading towards the stadium. Take note of that people who use “the Cowboys were same time slot away” argument to explain our dips in attendance.

This defense is hilarious.

We need the defense to set up some fold up chairs in the middle of a high school gymnasium, sit down, and calmly introduce each other to the group. This group has only kept 7 clean sheets in all competitions this year. Since July 29th, they’ve let in an average of 2.375 goals per game, which is not a recipe for an MLS Cup run. Good news is, we finish the season facing only one team that will actually make the playoffs so we should be able to get some confidence up in the final 7 matches of the year. Bad news is, 4 of those games are on the road...

One thing that did help the defense was VAR!! VAR actually came to the defense of our horrible defense! Go figure. It was the correct offside call on the penalty given by Mark Geiger and it was really well executed in that Marky didn’t have to slow trot off the field to see an iPad with the best angle. The man upstairs told him like it was and he changed the call. Loved it! Although, it didn’t help at all in the grand scheme of things, at least it wasn’t a 4-0 loss.

Finally, your fan quote of the day: “We have 3 points since July 29th. Just 3 points in over a month and a half.” Not a funny fan quote this time. Actually a depressing statistic. If you’re wondering, yes, that’s actually the lowest point total in that arbitrary span of time compared to other teams in the league.

What were your general thoughts on the game, and Atlanta’s new stadium? Could you believe VAR was actually going to help us this game? What do you think could fix this defense? Let me know in the comments below!