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View from the East: Terrible. Just Turrible.

Listen, guys, this was pretty awful.

MLS: FC Dallas at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

What a hot and humid day to be outside on a patio watching your favorite soccer team. It was absolutely disgusting outside Saturday late afternoon in the DFW area, but it’s not as bad if you’re over at a family member’s house and that family member happens to have a pool! And a TV near the pool!! (A safe distance away mind). Speaking of absolutely disgusting, our team played a soccer game and it was absolutely turrible. Video Assistant Refereeing was also used this match in order to make sure any hope of a comeback was truly crushed. But first...

From the website Urban Dictionary, our key word today is turrible and is defined on their website as such:

Turrible - The way the great Charles Barkley speaks of the actual English word "terrible." Used many times to describe teams such as the Milwaukee Buc, Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves

Double Blow Out!

Watching the team get blown out on TV is nowhere near as bad as when you’re watching it happen live in front of your eyes. You can always look away, walk to another room, yell obscenities, or dive back into the pool and try and forget the atrocious defending you just saw. At the stadium you really only have the option of going for a beer, which, if you used the strategy at the Vancouver game then you had a fun time regardless of the result. Not only were we getting blown out, being turrible in front of goal, but technology decided to jump in on the misery!

Video Assistant Referee

So this piece of technology was in use during the game. The most notable part was when the referee decided he needed a second look on what appeared to be FCD’s first goal. VAR doesn’t bother me and I think it’s essential for the growth of the game here in the states. Though on this occasion, wasn’t too thrilled to see it put to use as it looked like Colman kept his foot in on McCarthy. Now though when people look up “what was the first time VAR was used in an MLS match” in Google for the rest of eternity it will now reference the time that the Philadelphia Union defeated FC Dallas 3-1. For eternity.

And finally, your fan quote of the day. “Dude, we suck, sell the team, move them, Papi out, trade the farm.” What’s one more DFW team trading everything away?

Would ‘turrible’ be the perfect description for our performance the past 2 games? Would you use a little bit of a stronger word? What did you think of VAR, despite the conclusion its’ use came to? Let me know in the comments below!