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Roland Lamah has given FC Dallas more than they bargained for

The big Belgian talks about his past, his future, and the best player he’s ever played with

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the typical FC Dallas signing, you don’t picture Roland Lamah. The big offseason signing isn’t a guy that has bounced around in a handful of South American lower divisions. He isn’t a big named European player that was looking for an easy ride in MLS. Dallas saw something in the 29-year-old they were willing to break the pattern for.

So far, their gamble has paid off. In Lamah FC Dallas has found their every day starter on the left wing, second highest goal scorer, and a veteran with a will to win.

“FC Dallas, I think we are a winner,” explained Lamah. “I come here to FC Dallas to win trophies and I think we are in a good way.”

Lamah has been a career long mercenary. Before coming to FC Dallas he played in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, England, and Hungary. At 18-years old, he made the jump from the Belgian third division to perennial champions Anderlecht. He won the league with in his first season, only recording six substitute appearances. Next season, he was sent out on loan, one of many loan spells during his career. He praised Dallas’ new policy to send player on loan whenever possible.

“Professionals learn now that you have to play when you play,” said Lamah. “You get more experience and I think they go on loan to play. I think it’s good for them to play. Just play, play, play.”

He was relegated with Le Mans, sent off against Real Madrid with Osasuna, lofted the league cup with Swansea City, and did the double with Ferencváros. Looking back at his career he had no regrets about never settling down.

”I am professional, one team is good, but you know every year is not the same and every team have different mentality and I think I like my way, I am happy,” stated Lamah.

Along the way he received a call up from Belgium and was capped five times.

“In Anderlecht, I start my career in Belgium there are a lot of good players there,” said Lamah. “I start with [Vincent] Kompany he is Man City’s captain, my friend [Cheick] Tioté was so good, so good, and [Mbark] Boussoufa from Morrocco, and [on the] national team also [Eden] Hazzard, [Marouane] Fellaini, lots of good players.”

But perhaps where he is most valuable to FC Dallas isn’t in his experience, but in his work ethic and the example he sets for the youth.

“In all my games I try, but I can do more,” said Lamah. “Always, I can do more.”

He’s excited to work with his young teammates: “We have a lot of good young [players] here, Reggie, Paxton, Jesus, they have a lot of talent and I think they will learn good and I am a good example for them. We train together I think they learn from me. They have lot of quality, so we see if they are close to me, then they will learn,” said Lamah.

He hasn’t been here an entire season, but he didn’t hesitate to say that FC Dallas was the team where he felt most at home.