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Ben's Fantasy (MLS Fantasy Manager Round 22)

FMLS slang project and picks certain to cripple your team.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Chicago Fire Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm re-upping this from May because I’m feeling lazy this week. If you’re going to play with the nerds, you need to learn the lingo, and this is as good a collection as I know of as of today. If you’ve got any additions, read until the end- you might even find some of player selection tips useful.

OOP- A player (usually listed as a defender) who actually plays a different position in real life. If it’s an attacker who lists in the game as a defender, they’ve got significant added potential.

The Medranda™- Named for Jimmy Medranda, a clean sheet for a defender where the defender is subbed out after 60 minutes. Particularly apt if the player just barely played more than 60 minutes. If their team goes on to lose the clean sheet, that's referred to as the Natural Medranda. Jimmy Medranda has 11 clean sheets in 15 starts this year.

The Fonz™- A variant of the Medranda where the OOP gets the CS and scores some cobination of 2 goals and assists. Named after Alphonso Davies; it's not a question of if, but when.

DGW- Two game round for a team. Double points! Or that's the con anyway.

The Switcheroo- A game play quirk that allows you the opportunity to substitute a player in a later game for a player in an early game who did not generate a point output that you are satisfied with. More on that gambit here.

The Switcheroops- That's when you attempt this gambit and your replacement player scores even less.

The Rainbow defense - picking guys from all different teams to maximize the probability of a clean sheet.

Sporked- blowing a clean sheet in extra time.

Pulled a Dwyer - missed a PK. A brutal 7 point swing.

BecauseMLS - exclamation used when a particularly bush league MLS quirk leads to you getting screwed out of points. ex: "Howard suspended for 3 games after roster deadline, #BecauseMLS"; or "Piatti was red flagged but played anyway, #BecauseMLS"; or "Plata wasn't listed as injured, but randomly wasn't in the 18, #BecauseMLS"


Fool’s Gold: (Round 21. 2-2 (3.4 avg), Season 7-5 (4.18 avg))

  1. Eric Zavaleta D $5.2
  2. Daniel Royer M $7.9
  3. Christian Roldan- M $7.7
  4. Joevin Jones- D $5.6

This is turning out to be a viable strategy for catching up. I haven’t hit on as many fades as I would like, but the standard is high and my overall average is pretty close to where I hoped. Again, the threshold for chalking up a win for the fades is 4 or less per game. If you’re interested in learning more about the fade strategy, go here.

Jones and Roldan both notched 6 last round, so they were losers. I’m doubling down this round with Minnesota looking like a better candidate to inflict misery. With Zavaleta, I cheated just a smidge since he’s only the 6th most added defender this round, but he’s virtually tied with Parker and has higher overall ownership. I was very tempted to put Giovinco on this list (and I won’t have him in my team this round), but he’ll be tough to keep completely down even though I think DC bounces back a bit this week. All of these players look like point chases, and Daniel Royer is no different. He’s averaged 14 per game over the course of the last 3 weeks. There’s no way he comes close to that this round.

Again- this is the avoid pile. Do so at your own peril. These are all popular players I’m fading in order to catch up. This end’s this week’s disclaimer.

Byrd’s Ballers: (Round 21. 3-1-1, Season 59-28-17)

  1. Nemanja Nikolic F $10.6
  2. David Villa F $11.8
  3. Ignacio Piatti M $10.8
  4. Diego Valeri M $11.0
  5. Albert Rusnak - M $9.6

Beerretriever SC took honors last round. Both his team and my team clawed back over 30 points against Phil’s juggernaut and, for the first time in a long time, the prospect of catching Luetchford doesn’t seem impossible. Improbable yes- impossible, stay tuned...

The two good consecutive rounds were dampened by missing out on 13 points from each by picking the lesser of my two captain choices. I haven’t profited heavily from Nikolic this season, but I’m planning on making amends this weekend. Villa and Piatti at home are must haves as well (provided Piatti starts- think he’s back to 100% now), and Rusnak has been good to great since he returned from the U21 European championship. I can’t pass up on Valeri here even though I think LA isn’t necessarily a push over this round. I’d feel a lot better about it if I knew he was handling PKs and set pieces. Both are iffy.

Skinflint’s Specials: (Round 21 2-3-0, Season 51-54-0)

  1. Chris Duvall D $4.6
  2. Kyle Fisher D $4.6 Daniel Lovitz D $4.2
  3. Nick Lima D $4.2
  4. Ben Sweat D $4.7
  5. Luis Solignac F $5.5

Lima was a great pick last round, and he’s popular this round, too. I’m bullish on Montreal’s chances this round, so Fisher’s an easy choice here; he’s been racking up defending bonus lately. Duvall looks like a good option, too. I’m not banking on Sweat getting a clean sheet this round, but I’m guessing he’ll rack up some good bonus . Finally, David Accam already has a foot out the door, and Solignac is due. He’s a worthy switcheroo option with a back up on Sunday. As always, good luck (but hopefully, not as good as mine).

Edit: No Fisher tonight- Lovitz is a cheaper option and a converted mid who can add to the attack.

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