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My two cents on what is going on with FC Dallas

It may not be all that bad right now folks. Or is it?

MLS: FC Dallas at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are. Little kids, laying in our dark bedrooms trying to fall asleep so that our nightmares will go away. Unfortunately, our darkest, scariest fears are becoming more real by the day. This season/franchise are on the brink of an utter collapse. and all I want is to close my eyes, hoping it will all go away.

Honestly, how did we get here? How are we at a point where the team is outside of the playoffs and considering selling their two most effective/dangerous offensive weapons.

If the reports are true and the team is able to pull in $4.5m for both Maxi Urruti and Mikey Barrios then it’s a tricky situation. Sure, FC Dallas paid pennies for both players and have the opportunity to make a sizable return on their investment. There is a good chance these players will never hold as much value as they do now, but I don’t care. As a fan, we were promised MLS Cup or bust. We were lead to believe that we will hopefully get Mauro back and give this run one more chance before we split up the gang to go onto bigger and better things.

Instead, we are now looking at another summer transfer window where the team is left toothless going forward. All for what? $4.5m? Sure, that is a good amount of money, however, the $4m we got for Fabian Castillo didn’t guarantee production on the field. Sure it adds excitement and what ifs, but that doesn’t always equate to wins. Actually, I would argue, in most cases it doesn’t add to more success. Instead, it adds to unreasonable expectations. For me, I’m tired of trading the present for an unforeseen future.

I don’t care about the financial situation of the club. I don’t care about the payroll and certainly don’t care about the money that is being invested in the new Hall of Fame. What I do care about, is the product on the field. Fans watch sports to forget about everything that is going on in their lives. They want, for those 90 minutes, to be immersed in the moment. Unfortunately, it looks like those moments could be coming to an end.

It’s crazy to think back to losing to the Portland Timbers in the 2015 Western Conference finals. At the time we all thought that was the just beginning. In a lot of ways, it looks like it might have actually been the beginning of the end. This team has faced obstacle after obstacle since then and it honestly feels like our house of cards is one gust of wind away from tumbling over.

That team was wide eyed and bushy tailed. They weren’t scared of anything or anyone. There was no monster they wouldn’t fight and they did it together. What happened to that? That’s not the team that we have been watching lately. The team that has been showing up this last month is calloused and unsure of itself. What happened to the team that went toe-to-toe with the CCL champions over two legs? My dream would be instead of quitting on the 2017 season hopefully they would reminded who they are and how (insert strongly worded adjective here) good they are.

Watch the video of the second leg of Western conference semi’s and try to tell me that this current team isn’t as good as that team was. It’s maddening. Yes the team is in a funk, but they have the talent to get out of it.

I understand even if we keep both Maxi and Mikey, there is no guarantee that we make it to the playoffs, but I would sure as hell rather the opportunity to bet all my money at the craps table instead of never setting foot in the casino. We were promised one last ride with these group of players. It sucks knowing that ride might self implode before it ever gets off the ground.

Lastly, I get it the front office is in a tough place. They are having to balance the business and competitive side of the organization. However, you play the game to win. Everything should go back to that point. If we aren’t trying to win games and trophies then what is it all for? I’m not ready to throw the towel in and hopefully the team isn’t either.

We were promised MLS Cup or bust. Let us finish the season either holding that trophy or dying on our sword. With that, either way we know that we gave it all we had.