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View from the East: Pitchfork Time?

Might be time to start calling people out.

MLS: FC Dallas at Columbus Crew SC Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Man, it has been a rough few weeks if you even remotely follow this soccer team. It’s hard to believe that the team we were watching on the TV Saturday just last year took the league by storm and won two trophies getting close to three. Not only that, but seems like our TXA time slot has been moved back to 10 pm from here on out. There isn’t many players we can fault individually, as it seems like the entire team played horrid in that 2nd half when it all mattered.

Pitchforks Come Out?

FC Dallas fans might be ready to raise their pitchforks at certain players as we fall further and further down the standings week after week. The immediate ones that are being blamed by those I watch games with are Roland Lamah and Tesho Akindele. Roland Lamah has been capped five times by the Belgian national team, played alongside Eden Hazard and then pulls off that miss. Sure, we all miss, but Lamah has made fans watching from home, and in home matches, go absolutely ballistic. Sure, you can point to the fact that he’s one of the top scorers on the team, but what does that matter on a team that before Wednesday night had only one goal in four matches?

Then there’s Tesho Akindele. Disclaimer: I really like Tesho Akindele. Other FC Dallas fans don’t necessarily see why I have that sentiment. Tesho had so much hype surrounding him coming out of college. He has been able to step up from time to time but doesn’t seem to be able to take advantage of his opportunities anymore. Aside from his rookie season, he has been almost a liability to have on the field. If his current goal pattern continues, expect him to not net a goal in September. Hopefully I’m wrong and the frustration ends. Speaking of frustrations ending....

Cowboys preseason over!

So hopefully we’re getting out original time slot back. I have nothing against, but if we’re going to get the more casual fan watching games, having a nice set time block on Saturday nights on a local channel is a sure way to get it started. If you’re reading this website, you likely have no issue going to and watching the game. Your coworker you’re trying to talk into getting into the team since the Texas Rangers seem to be out of it** probably won’t make that extra effort. Trust me. I’m trying. These time changes do nothing to help the fan base expand, and that goal could use any help it can get.

**Sorry Rangers fans, I’m as heartbroken as y’all.

Finally your fan quote of the match: “So glad we signed Gonzalez to sit on the bench while we trot out Morales the Dinosaur whose done nothing all year”. One of the only comments online that really made me lol during this match.

Who is your pitchfork waving towards? Lamah? Tesho? Another player whose name you really could just pick at random at this point? Do you think we’re going to be on the outside looking in come playoff time? Know of friends and family that don’t watch the game cause it’s not easily accessible? Let me know in the comments below!