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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from the latest draw.

FC Dallas let points slip away on Wednesday night as they drew the Houston Dynamo 3-3.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the game…

It’s tough, giving up a goal in the first minute. The team bounced back after that mistake and by half we were up, 2-1. Well deserved. We created most of the chances. Getting two goals in the first half was a good reward for the players.

Second half, we created more chances. We were leading, 3-1. After that, Houston started pushing the game. They brought some fresh players off the bench and started stretching us in the middle, creating some chances. They balanced the game. It is one of those nights that we come out disappointed. We had the three points, at home, points that we needed. But, we have to keep moving. There is just work – nothing else.

On the formation changes…

I thought it worked well. I saw a lot of good things in that formation. It was clearer for the team to move the ball around. We got desperate in a few parts of the game. We couldn’t keep the ball when we needed it the most. That requires personality. Those moments when you start losing the ball here and there and the other team is pushing – we started to doubt how well we were playing. But we played well. The formation gave us a little more of a fluent game in the middle with Roland [Lamah] and Kellyn [Acosta] doing that job.

We’re adjusting. We’re not getting the points. We’re trying to shake ourselves up. We’re trying to spark the team and this formation is going to be part of the equation for us in the future for sure.

On scoring three goals…

With the urgency we had to get points… If I could have foreseen that we would score three goals tonight… It is not the easiest way to look at what I think is a great point. The boys scored three goals after a stretch where we could not score. This is a long season. The game always teaches you what you need to get better at.

FC Dallas midfielder Victor Ulloa

On playing in a new formation…

Yea, the coaches had a great game plan. The team was able to find Kellyn [Acosta] and [Roland] Lamah a little higher in those open spaces. They were able to create opportunities at the end of the first half, after we made that mistake. We just have to maintain that lead.

On facing Columbus this Saturday…

Soccer always gives you another opportunity. We regret the one we gave up tonight but it’s a quick turnaround and we need to get ready. We have to keep the group together mentally and be strong, keep fighting and keep pushing forward.

On scoring three goals…

We’re happy to be back on the scoring sheet after a while… At the same time, we’re sour because of the result we gave up tonight.

FC Dallas midfielder Roland Lamah

With the new formation, what do you take from it?

It's good for me. Everyone reacted well to it. You see the whole team react well. What is important is the point we got. We have to keep working and get a result against Columbus.

How did you like playing in the middle?

Oh for me, I'm a professional, I play everywhere. When I can help the team, I do what I can. Today, I had a lot of space to work. I tried to find Tesho [Akindele] with that through ball and we almost scored. I feel good.

How important was scoring three goals for the confidence of the offense?

It's good for the future. It's good. It's good. For a long time, we weren't able to score so today… Three goals but unlucky, only one point. We have to keep going and work for the future.