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View from the East: Late Slump

Looks like our yearly slump came late this time.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting KC Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It was another one of those ridiculously hot and humid Saturday nights in Dallas, Texas with just a slight breeze making its’ way through to bring about a small amount of relief. Speaking of relief, a frustrating game was made slightly better with some traveling supporters. Another game on a Cowboy’s Saturday and another annoying tape delay for the game that matters on TXA 21. Speaking about delays, looks like the patented FC Dallas Yearly Summer Slump was also delayed as it’s in full swing now!

FC Dallas’ Yearly Summer Slump!

It only comes once a year and every fan that has been following the team longer than 15 months can surely tell you, it’s not a fun time in the least bit. For an average of about half a dozen games or even more, Los Toros seem to slip up and really make a mess of things. It’s a whacky adventure that the whole family won’t enjoy. But seriously, in the last 6 games we have cash out a total of 4 meager points and if we don’t stop the bleeding this Wednesday against the hated Dynamo we might be on the outside looking in this November.

As painful as this game was to watch from start to finish, there was a little relief from the traveling FCD support. Namely the Lone Star Legion’s brass section which was able to be heard on the broadcast. Deep in the heart of Texas was nice to hear when the game wasn’t exactly nice to watch. Except for Jesse’s saves, those were pretty amazing to watch despite it reminding us that our defense isn’t as lock-down as it should be.

Cowboys tape delays?

Looks like there has been a trend due to the preseason games of the Dallas Cowboys being on Saturday’s. Tape delays seem to have been happening recently on TXA 21 with the past two games’ start times delayed due to the football giants playing their practice games. FC Dallas seem to have anticipated it with their streaming service on which was one of two ways to watch the live broadcast, the other being MLS Live. The FCD website gave you Marky Mark and Bob Sturm on the call instead of the MLS Live tradition of giving you non-Dallas commentary team that always seem to not be fond of our boys in red. Can’t wait for the football season to start, not exactly for football season, but so the games on TXA 21 will actually be live again.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “At least VAR didn’t take a goal away.” Yeah, I guess that’s a good streak to end?

Did you hear the LSL playing their instruments on the broadcast? Did you actually wait to watch the tape delay or just went with the website stream? Is anyone worried about this slump we’re currently in, or do you think we have time to fix it all before the playoffs? Let me know in the comments below!