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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Match Predictions

For the first time in forever, the staff can’t seem to agree

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-FC Dallas at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas take their three match winless streak on the road and visit Sporting Kansas City. Dallas has been in a difficult spell, having only scored one goal in 3 matches and having scored none at home in the last two.

The game will kick off at Children’s Mercy Park at 7:30pm. You can catch the game on TX21, or MLS Live.


This has been a very difficult road trip for Dallas, with SKC boasting a dominant 5-0-1 record in their last six matches at home against Dallas. In fact, it’s been six years since Dallas has taken 3 points from Kansas City. However, despite the alt facts, some of the staff are optimistic and actually see Dallas taking at least a point from this one.

BDS Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Drew Epperley 29
2 Jared Tilley 27
3 Nathan Hill 26
4 Ben Lyon 22
5 Jeff Loftin 20
6 Etan Cohn 18
7 Mohammad Bushnaq 18
8 Jack Rouse 18
9 Jason Poon 17
10 Ryan Scanlon 16
11 Scott Hiney 9
12 Jose Carmona 8
13 Andrew Gentry 4
14 Cody Gamond 2
15 Preston Wetherington 2
16 Noah Riffe 1

No changes for the third week in a row to the standings. At this point it’s pretty embarrassing incredible that nobody has gotten a prediction right for three consecutive matches.

Staff Prediction Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Phil Luetchford 31
2 Mohammad Bushnaq 30
3 Nathan Hill 30
4 Drew Epperley 28
5 Jason Poon 27
6 Ben Lyon 23
7 Ryan Scanlon 22
8 Cody Gamond 17
9 Etan Cohn 17
10 Jack Rouse 14
11 Scott Hiney 13
12 Jack Hazzard 12
13 Jose Carmona 12
14 Jeff Loftin 10
15 Jared Tilley 8
16 Preston Wetherington 7
17 Joshua Sampson 3

Correct Prediction: 1pt

Correct Scoreline: 2pts

How about you guys? Can Dallas get a result in a very difficult road game?