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Ben's Fantasy (MLS Fantasy Manager Round 24)

Impactful suggestions, but you probably already new that.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to do it a little differently this round, because the formula is pretty simple this round- load up with 7-8 players from Montreal and Chicago since they’ve got a decent DGW setup this round. I’m not loading up on either defensively because I think they’re both good for 3+ goals each over their 2 games this round, and they’ll probably both fail to get a clean sheet in either match. I’m hedging with a centerback from each team and calling it a day. The only yellow card suspension risk is Matteo Mancuso, but he’s also lightly selected if you’re looking for a ‘differential’. With Accam, Nikolic, and Villa already on board, I’ll most likely pass.


Fool’s Gold: (Round 23. 3-1 (4.0 avg), Season 12-8 (4.26 avg))

This will be back next round. 14 teams will have a DGW, so there’s a lot more variance available. For what it’s worth, neither of the DGW goalkeepers do much for me. Brandon Vincent might be back this weekend, so Doody is a risk. Yeah, that’s about it.

Again- this is the avoid pile. Do so at your own peril. These are all popular players I’m fading in order to catch up. This end’s this week’s disclaimer.

Byrd’s Ballers: (Round 22. 3-1-1, Season 62-29-18)

  1. Ignacio Piatti M $13.1
  2. David Accam F $10.8
  3. David Villa F $10.0
  4. Diego Valeri D $7.1
  5. Nicolas Lodeiro -M $8.3

Sunday night I was absolutely slaughtered by Nathan Hill for my advice last round. I then notified the right reverend that he led all BigD scorers last round with 85. There was much rejoicing. Phil still has a very comfortable lead, but he is also still within reach.

I think there are plenty of DGW players who will get you 6 or more this round, but I’m highlighting Piatti and Accam because they’re the best bet for me to go over 12. Honestly, they’re both a good shout to do that in the first game. That isn’t to diminish Nikolic, Dziemaili, or Schweinsteiger; it’s more a statement of where I’m planting my flag this round, and you’ll also need a minimum of 3 this round to fill out your roster.

Villa at home against a dizzy New England defense could easily rack up a stout DGW score in one game, and Valeri draws a weary Red Bullls team at home this round which seems promising. Seattle should have the other juicy matchup this round, and that’s a popular pick. The sure thing here, believe it or not, is Lodeiro. Regardless of what happens with the result, he’ll get his share of defending bonus, fouls, attacking bonus, etc. Depending on how your roster fills out, I like him over other Seattle options because he’ll have the lowest floor if the game goes pear shaped.

Skinflint’s Specials: (Round 22 1-4-0, Season 52-58-0)

  1. Samuel Piette M $6.5
  2. Chris Duvall D $4.6
  3. Alphonso Davies D $4.4
  4. Ben Sweat D $4.9
  5. Kofi Obare D $4.3

For a DGW, I’m light on cheap players. Polster has little upside, and Doody and Lovitz are both significant rotation riskes. Duvall is less of one, and although Piette might be a slight risk, he offers serious Alonso potential in the Impact defensive midfield. I’m playing a hunch that Davies gets a start this round which means Medranda potential, and Ben Sweat is pretty much a fixture for me these days. With Opare, I’ll probably write him in to this group every week for the rest of the year. He’s cheap, a locked-in starter, and he’s a preferred target on set pieces. Look out for tweaks at 5:30 this evening and good luck this round.

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