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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, August 15, 2017

FC Dallas moves on from another disappointing result.

The week continues on here as FC Dallas begins to get ready for Sporting KC this weekend.

// FC Dallas //

What we learned: VAR doesn’t like Maxi Urruti | Big D Soccer
So far the VAR has been very unkind to FCD. That much we already know.

Lineup Choices, Set Piece Struggles and More on Video Review | FC Dallas
I think the Zimmerman/Diaz not starting thing has a lot to do with overall health and performance than anything else. Though I do think Pareja sent Diaz a message on Saturday to change his tone.

Stejskal: Dallas not planning a Kellyn Acosta transfer during summer window |
Of course they will say they aren't planning on selling a guy. They weren't planning to sell Fabian Castillo last year either. But I do think Kellyn in a winter sell.

Stephen Keel's World Famous 3 in the Pocket |
I'd like to think we helped make his 3 points in the pocket famous here by sharing the gif over and over.

// MLS //

Orlando City Won’t Appeal Kaká Red Card | The Mane Land
An obvious statement was made here and what Orlando had to say about not appealing was also pretty interesting.

After promising start to 2017, Orlando wilts in summer heat once again | ESPN FC
Orlando City looked to be among the best in MLS this spring. But they've taken a nose dive over the last two months.

Warshaw: Why the referee did the right thing to show Kaka a red card |
It is just a wacky situation overall. Also, it was Toledo making the there is that.

MLS plays by its ridiculous rules | US Soccer Players
If MLS was ever going to reconsider its rules and make changes for the better, the 2017 transfer season should push them in that direction.But we know it will take some time for that to happen.

Major League Soccer's fear of the open market fuels its distorted pay scale | FourFourTwo
Hopefully this summer has taught MLS leaders to ditch things like the antiquated Discovery process.

Inflated salaries, terrible timing show the other side of MLS’ TAM initiative | FourFourTwo
The league's increased buying power has come with a couple of unexpected negatives.