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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from a rather dull game.

FC Dallas continues their summer skid as they drew the Colorado Rapids 0-0 on Saturday night.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the game…

Not too many answers when you have a game that was very obvious for us. We dominated. We created a lot of chances on goal. We had to walk off the field with one point. It’s frustrating but we played in a very correct way. The boys did an excellent job of having the continuity of the chances in spite of the frustration of not being able to put the ball in the net.

It was a night that you may not have too many explanations and that volume of actions and the frequency that we had… We couldn’t score but that’s part of the game. We need to accept that if we want points we have to put it in the net.

I saw a lot of intensity. Defensively we played one of the best games of the season. Offensively we need to be sharper and score.

On what was different defensively tonight…

We were much more concentrated on the small details. Our attention and respect for the fundamentals and concepts were there all the time. The boys were working always. We give them priority. Our transitions were working. We were thinking “attack and attack.” We respect that the offense without the ball needs to work. And when I say we need to work, I say 11 players working towards getting the ball back. Today that was remarkable. As I said, it was a very correct game for us except for the most important part, which is going to give you the points… score goals.

On the video replay...

This is very subjective and it happened twice to us already. I said last week and I’ll say it today: we have to buy into it but what I want is to make things clear. We’ll accept it. I said it last week as well: the league decided this is the way we’re going and we do it. Sometimes the ball will bounce in our way.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

Does this feel like one that got away?

Yes, we had plenty of chances to score. They basically had no chances. We were the dominant team in this game and we let it slip away.

What are your thoughts on the video review call?

I’m not going to say anything about that.

On the team’s solid defensive performance…

It’s good to have a full week of training with everyone on the back line and get back to our concepts. It was really helpful for us. We had a couple of games where we gave up a few goals. We went back to the drawing board and watched a lot of video of what we were doing wrong and what we had done earlier in the season that gave us success. Even though we only got one point out of this, it was a good performance. It is something that we can build on.

FC Dallas defender Atiba Harris

On the video replay…

We have video review now and we have to embrace it. We had video evidence there so the referee probably got it right. We just have to move forward. It’s soccer. You are going to have disappointments. It’s an emotional game. We stayed focused and created some more opportunities. We were able to stay solid at the back and get the clean sheet tonight. We just have to keep working.

Do you feel like you let some points get away today?

Obviously, yes, because every game we go in to every game trying to win…. Especially at home… We are disappointed not to get three points.

FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz

On starting on the bench…

That was the coach’s decision. We’re all a team. The coach makes the decision he feels is best for the team and puts the player he feels is most prepared. So I have to appreciate the minutes he gives me with my teammates.

On not being fully recovered…

I know I’m not to my playing level yet. I have to improve, so little by little and game by game, I will get better. There are other teammates who are doing great. Unfortunately, the ball isn’t going into the net, but we have to continue working hard to get to the top.

On the VAR…

It’s difficult. That’s the second goal that they took away from us. But those are the rules of the game. Each game is more technologically advanced and reviewed. There aren’t any more barriers, no more mischief. So we have to get used to today’s rules.