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Big D Daily: News for Friday, August 11, 2017

FC Dallas looks to end a two game slump tomorrow night.

The weekend is finally here as FC Dallas is back in action tomorrow night.

// FC Dallas //

What to watch for against the Colorado Rapids | Big D Soccer
Two struggling teams that are desperate to get back on track could make for an interesting match.

Squad Selection: What group will get FC Dallas out of their slump? | Big D Soccer
Who do you want in your starting lineup tomorrow night?

Past, Present and Possible Future of USMNT to Meet on Saturday Night | FC Dallas
The keeper battle will be worth watching tomorrow night.

// MLS //

Armchair Analyst: Grading all 22 teams for the summer transfer window |
A think a solid B is pretty fair for FCD, could they have done more? Sure. But they didn't really need to either.

Sabetti: Top 10 acquisitions of the 2017 MLS summer transfer window |
There were so many deals this week, it was hard to keep up with which ones looked good or not.

In Paul Arriola, D.C. United have their new star man | Black And Red United
A record transfer fee for DCU was something they had to do here as they head into a year with a new stadium.

Six reasons why this was the most exciting MLS transfer window ever | FourFourTwo
Frugal clubs opened their wallets and average teams upgraded. It was great seeing MLS teams actually go for it for a change in the summer transfer window.

D.C. United show ambition, Sporting KC stung by Dwyer exit in MLS window | ESPN FC
So this writer thinks we're a winner in this transfer window with the one move that we made. Cool.