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View from the east: Baldo-Bomb’d

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Definitely worst game of the year.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This was an incredibly hot game day with the sun really showing no mercy on the east side of the stadium until it cleared the stands a little towards the end of the first half. The Vancouver Whitecaps came into town as we faced our second Canadian side in a row, this time in the discomfort of our warm stadium. The lone construction worker was occupying his usual south side and looked like he made considerable progress on his solo mission to build the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

There was a referee this match that some may be annoyed at and the crowd let him know it. Overall, this game might be the worst home game since that game where Real Salt Lake came to town and put four past us. (Was that 2012?) Eerily similar to this one in terms of the heat and the destruction of our team.


Everyone’s favorite referee was assigned to this game. Initially the thought was a mild “oh, great, this guy”. Mainly because although Toledo has been making baffling calls for years, it had been a good while since he had completely sabotaged one of FC Dallas’ games in favor of our opponent. I guess it was due time for a Baldo-bomb to land on FCD’s collective heads.

It’s definitely possible that the heat and humidity really put Baldomero in a bad mood in the first place. Yellow team immediately became public enemy number one with the penalty call. The amount of expletives coming from the crowd, no amount of security could’ve removed every single fan with a sailor mouth that match. We could not have boo’d enough at the refereeing crew. I actually got a little worried that someone with too much alcohol in their system would have attempted to throw something at one of the referees so extreme was the disgust from the fans.

Worst game in years?

Really hard to think of an even worse game than this. It was a bloodbath during a scorcher that we should completely wipe from our collective memories. The crowd was plentiful for our reduced capacity, and it was a hard lesson for the fans that we don’t always win. Then again the players showed nothing at all to warrant anything less than what happened. The back line looked like Minnesota’s when they started this year, and our special Mauro could be summed up in one word: “frustrating”. Many people began to leave early once the third goal went in. I saw several just stand up and head for the exits once that bicycle kick went in. Which was fantastic despite it being a soul crusher.

Finally your fan quote of the night: “Not even VAR could fix Toledo.” We’ll see if it does, but, judging by what we saw it might take more than VAR.

Did you happen to attend this bloodbath of a match? Is it the worst game you’ve ever been to? You reckon you could do a better job of refereeing than Toledo? Let me know in the comments below!