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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

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All the facts from a game we’ll want to soon forget.

FC Dallas fell hard on Saturday night to the Vancouver Whitecaps in a 4-0 loss.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

General thoughts on the match…

I want to congratulate Carl Robinson and Vancouver. They planned the game very well tonight. It was difficult for us to break them down. Things didn’t bounce our way today and we have to accept it. I’m not going to toss this responsibility to anyone. I could, probably, but I am not going to do that. I think I have to look inside first and say ‘today, we got beat in many ways.’ I have to respect that as part of the game. Vancouver deserves the points today.

The way the game developed, it was one of those nights where we could not put things together and make that final pass to score a goal. The game became heavier and heavier for us. They scored first, then the penalty, then the red card. We became aggressive trying to level the game. We thought we needed to look for a goal rather than sit back with 10 men. That is very risky. You can see the other team using that against you but you still want to attack.

I am very sad because we want to win all of the games in front of our fans here at home but the team showed me once again, the commitment that they have and I will back them up, more than ever. I am very proud of them. We will move forward and get ready for Philadelphia.

On the penalty kick awarded to Vancouver…

It was one of the key moments of the game. When Vancouver scored first, I thought we had some chances after that. We were being creative, as always. And then, after the PK call, the game turned on us. The red card made it even worse. But, we’re going to absorb it with pride and with responsibility.

The game was normal. We were creating chances. But after the incidents in the second half, with the penalty and the red card… We were just more muscles and energy than ideas. They had one more player on the field. They used the ball well. They scored great goals. They were very sharp in the final third. That is why I felt they deserved the points today.

FC Dallas defender Walker Zimmerman

Thoughts on the game...

The thing that's been different this year at home is that we aren't getting in front early... we aren't getting that first goal. We are a team that becomes so much more dangerous when we have a lead. When we give up a first goal then it allows teams to sit back. When we throw more numbers forward, it makes us a little bit vulnerable. Credit to them for their work ethic and getting forward but they weren't the best goals we've given up all year.

On how the match changed in the second half...

We'll have to look back on the PK and see what happened there. Those decisions are so influential and unfortunately that call didn't go our way. It definitely changed the game. That's just soccer though. That's what happens. You have good calls, bad calls and you just need to respond. We need to show a little bit more resiliency and not let the game get out of hand.

On VAR being introduced next week after a few calls not going their way in recent games...

That's what the video replay is coming in to do. I haven't seen it. Whether it was the right call or not at least it allows us to sleep better at night knowing it was a deserved call or it wasn't. Introducing that into the league is going to be a good thing because we walk away from games like this frustrated because of how much it does affect the game.

FC Dallas midfielder Kellyn Acosta

General thoughts on the game…

We started a little flat and they got the first goal, so that’s pretty crucial. We lacked a little bit of movement on the attacking side of things. We didn’t come out clean and we were punished early. That kind of dictated the game. That first goal kind of set the tempo a little bit. I have to give a lot of credit to them. They came out here. They had a plan. They were sitting back on us. Then we collapsed and they executed well. We couldn’t find a way to break them. It was a difficult game for us.

After the penalty kick goal…

We still had a lot of chances to come into the game and come back, but we just lacked the quality there and defensively we were out of sync. We’re usually pretty tight-knitted in the back and collectively we just weren’t complete, like we were in the results in Montreal. But right now, we’re going to reflect on the game. Obviously, it hurts to lose this bad, especially at home in front of the fans. We’re going to regroup and rebuild. We have a big test this upcoming week in Philadelphia.