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Three things to watch for as FC Dallas hosts the Vancouver Whitecaps

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Will the hot streak continue?

MLS: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas returns to Frisco this week to face off against the Whitecaps, so what should we expect from this game?

What to Say About the Caps

If you, like me, saw Vancouver and thought, “well that’ll be an easy win” perhaps you should rethink that. Vancouver isn’t setting the world alight or anything, but they are in sixth in the west, middle of the pack and their results the last few weeks have been interesting. An away win, a home loss, beat a tough NYC team, get smashed to pieces by the Chicago Fire.

Vancouver are capable of anything on their day, and they are also capable of falling apart. It’s a serious cliché, but this game will very much change based on what team Vancouver sticks out there. Is it a team ready to make an upset, or one that has no answers to any of FCD’s questions?

Cristian Golman and Friends

In what could be called a down year compared to last year’s double, Dallas finally has the goal-scoring threats its fan base has been begging for. Maxi Urruti with 11 goals and five assists, Roland Lamah with eight goals two assists, and now the two million dollars seems to not have been wasted as Colman kicked himself into gear in Montreal, scoring what VAR would have dubbed a hat-trick. Add to that Barrios 10 assists and it looks like a scary offense.

If you watch the games you know that FCD has struggled to finish at times this year, but looking at those numbers you would be forgiven for forgetting that. Dallas is in good form, players are returning from national team duties and injuries. A full strength squad is right around the corner. If Dallas start quick they have the ability to make this a rout. Watch for those goal tallies to change after this weekend.

Home at Last

Dallas’ last game at home was the Fourth of July, and as the season resumes after a short midseason break, look for Dallas to kick into gear and chase down the Shield. The last month has shown that Dallas has the depth, but now with the team healthy, we could see a title challenge. Dallas is six points behind first with two games in hand, very achievable. You have to think that if the Shield is there for the taking, Oscar Pareja wants it. He’ll put up some fight in the next few weeks to see where Dallas stand. If it goes well he’ll pursue and if Dallas falls behind, rotation will follow. With the season as early as it is, there is no reason to stop pursuing silverware. Leave that talk for the end of the season.