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View from the east: Colman! Woah!

Who’s this new young DP that has appeared?

MLS: FC Dallas at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It was a scorcher on Saturday, even as it turned to night the temperature wasn’t really up for dropping. If the game had been in Frisco, it would’ve been a merry sweaty time, but instead we were indoors watching the men in red finally get back to work. An unexpected hero comes to rescue us in our deepest moment of frustration. And also, doesn’t Montreal look like a fun away game to go to? First to chat about that FC Dallas hero...

Hat-Trick Hero...Cristian Colman?

Yes, a player I have regularly ragged throughout the season (and with good reasons mind) finally came through to save the day. It started with a completely legitimate goal that was not seen by the referees nor his helpers on the sidelines. We have the benefit of replay on the television, sure, and even 3D analysis of how much of the ball was over the line. Even in real time though, that ball looked about as over the goal line as it could get. To add to that ghost goal, before I could even stop yelling at my television screen, the Montreal Impact storm to the other side and bang one in with Carlos Gruezo only pretending like he was jumping to contest the ball coming into the box. The amount of frustration with the way the game was going could not be overstated. Then the glorious Gods of soccer decided that enough was enough.

Going down 1-0 after a ghost goal then scoring two goals to finally break your duck? Yeah, that’s almost a Hollywood script in the span of 90 minutes. The vindication was written all over Colman’s face. He looked more relieved than a CPA after tax season. After the first goal his teammates celebrated with him as if he scored the winning goal in a final. Unbridled joy, and felt great to be watching the complete turn around.

Ring that bell

Seriously, I would love to give Saputo Stadium a visit the next time they’re scheduled to visit there. The atmosphere and the band coming in before the game look like a lot of fun. Although I wouldn’t ring the bell as it’d mean they scored against us, can’t celebrate a goal against your own team that’s darn near treason.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! COLMAN BRACE WHAT THE F*****************” It was a comical text to receive after the 2nd goal went in.

Who else felt like they were watching a feel good movie during that game with Colman becoming the hero after things turned sour? Any revised predictions for how many goals the Paraguayan will score this season? Who has already visited Montreal’s home stadium? Let me know in the comments below!