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Ben's Fantasy (MLS Fantasy Manager Round 20)

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Packed slate after the Gold Cup break

MLS: New York City FC at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This will be almost entirely fluff free this week with the packed schedule of international friendlies, the ongoing Gold Cup, and 14 of 22 MLS teams playing two this round. This is a great round to consult the Disciplinary Report prior to finalizing your choices. Without further ado...


Fool’s Gold: (Round 19. 2-2 (5.25 avg), Season 2-2 (5.25 avg))

  1. Sebastian Giovinco F $12.9
  2. Romain Alessandrini M $10.2
  3. Alex Bono- G $5.2
  4. Florian Jungwirth- D $6.0

Two clarifications- 1. I won’t mention absentees in this spot again even if they’re highly selected. The scoring from last round reflects Cubo who was my second choice to the absent Figueroa (swear). 2. For this round, the bar is eight or fewer for popular DGW players. Anything more is a loss.

I’m fading Toronto this round with a tough road game, a home game against a fresh team, and a ton of players missing through injury and Gold Cup. On top of that, Bono is a rotation risk. I like Alessandrini’s home game, but is he a sure bet for a cross country flight to start against New England? Nah. Finally, San Jose has two road games and have switched up their formation and approach recently. They seem like they’re a bit more leaky, and it seems like Jungwirth won’t have as many actions for collecting bonus points going forward.

Again- this is the avoid pile at your own peril. These are all popular players I’m fading in order to catch up. The fades I picked last week were ok, but you’ve got to replace them with good (and present) alternatives, or it’s bad news folks.

Byrd’s Ballers: (Round 18. 2-3-0, Season 53-26-15)

  1. Diego Valeri M $10.8
  2. David Villa F $11.5
  3. Bradley Wright-Phillips- F $10.3
  4. Nicolas Lodeiro- M $11.6
  5. Sacha Kjlestan - M $10.6

PVW started clawing back some against Phil. 99pts brings Geoff’s charges within 50 of the leader after leading all Big D scorers last round. If you want to slag me for my low score, go ahead and look it up. Like I said, good fades are useless unless you pick solid replacements.

I’m doing that this round, and in the form of Lodeiro, Valeri, and Villa...well, I think everyone’s picking those guys anyway. NYC and Sounders both have 2 home games, and Valeri’s trip to Vancouver isn’t terribly daunting or long. I’m bullish on Bulls this round, and they fit neatly into my fade theory. A home game against a more permissive San Jose team and a trip to Minn is a recipe for making up points this round.

Skinflint’s Specials: (Round 18 0-5-0, Season 46-49-0)

  1. Ben Sweat D $4.7
  2. Gustav Svensson M $6.1
  3. Kyle Fisher D $4.6
  4. Ibson M $6.7
  5. Oyvind Aleth D $3.9

I sure did enjoy being over .500 last round. There’s definitely a good chance to make amends here though with the added games this round. NYC is a good bet this round with two home games and some serious motivation against two teams ahead of them in the standings (both missing key players). Svenson had had three DGWs this year already. His round scores were 10, 13, and seven for a nifty average of 10- pretty solid. I’m not overly bullish on the other three, but I do feel confident they’ll each get you a point/$. Hopefully, you’ll be using them mainly for filler and score big this round.

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