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Clavijo: Discusses Kellyn Acosta’s future with FC Dallas

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In a recent interview, Fernando Clavijo offers up when he thinks Kellyn Acosta will be sold.

United States v Martinique: Group B - 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

For a long time we’ve stated it was only going to be a matter of when, not if, FC Dallas sells Homegrown midfielder Kellyn Acosta. The more Acosta plays with the United States national team this summer in the Gold Cup, the sooner that sell date could arrive.

In a recent interview with FourFourTwo (scroll a bit down to get to the interview) FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo offered up an honest take about Acosta and when he expects a move to Europe will be for the young star.

“Kellyn was the first player I signed when I signed here, and now he is playing for the first team and the national team, and he will probably go to Europe in the next 12 months,” Clavijo said. “We are proud of this. This is something good, and it shows that what we are doing here is working and hopefully we can do more. This is our identity.”

One important thing to consider here too is that Acosta isn’t far from being able to get a UK work permit based on his number of games with the national team. Once he is able to do that, you can likely expect some offers to begin rolling in.

Clavijo discussed the time window of 12 months as he stated he really wants to get through this current season before a potential selling frenzy could occur with the club.

“When I say we, the ownership, the players, all of us need to figure out what is the right thing to do right now, depending on the time. We’re so close to December, and we can have everything in place, win a championship and then make a transfer. We prefer to go into the transfer window in January and not July, because it jeopardizes the rest of the team. But we have to be ready to cover that decision.”

The ‘sell in the winter’ thought sounds nice but we know all to well that any agent with a mouth could change that or if a good enough offer comes in early enough everyone could agree the time is now. Last year’s saga with Fabian Castillo should have taught us anything is possible. The club wanted to originally sell in the winter but an agent and player pushed for a summer deal.

I would imagine a lot of this is true for other players like Walker Zimmerman or even Carlos Gruezo.

But at the end of the day, Clavijo is right about one thing: this is something to be proud of here. FC Dallas has invested a lot in Acosta and will likely be rewarded heavily for it.

Like I have said all along this season, the time is now for a MLS Cup run with this current group. If it doesn’t happen this year, who knows which players will be around come 2018 to try again.