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FC Dallas vs Sporting KC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

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All the facts from the USOC loss.

FC Dallas fell in the US Open Cup on Tuesday night in a 3-0 loss to Sporting Kansas City.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja

On the result…

“Obviously disappointed with the result. A game that we could get a result in the regular time since we were one man up and we couldn’t find the net. We knew that Kansas City was going to sit back and wait and for some errors in the back. But we couldn’t find the net and that’s the final story. In the last 30 minutes, we were equal because the red card for Maxi [Urruti] and after that for [Javier] Morales and that just changed the whole thing and they were more accurate and precise in their finishing.”

On what went wrong in overtime…

“I thought in the last 30 minutes there was a lot of open space. Believe it or not, I thought in the 90 minutes, we did a lot to try to break the lines that Kansas City had and that cost us. As I said, there were spaces in the last 30 minutes and they took advantage of that. We couldn’t find the net and to win games you have to score goals.”

On the priority put on Open Cup heading into this tournament…

It has been very good for the club to fight for Open Cup always. It is an important tournament. We won it last year and we know what it takes to achieve those trophies. We put all the energy today just to advance. I think we didn’t leave anything behind and everything was given by the players. It was a game that just turned very awkward in the way it went.