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View from the East Stand: Too Easy

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Best home game in weeks!

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Great weather as the overcast kept the hot sun at bay for good amounts of time. Wasn’t sure if I was watching an FC Dallas training session or if I was watching an actual league game. The attendance was not that strong this game, but FC Dallas didn’t seem to mind with a record number of goals in a half in MLS play. The little Tex Hooper faces were kinda cool, a little less creepy than the people faces in my personal opinion.

Where was this last week?

If you chose to sit this game out instead of the Houston game, I’m sorry. This was an absolute massacre. First BIG DAK shows up to scarf Uncle Lamar, then the team drops five on Real Salt Lake before the half is even over. I’m fairly certain I saw people head for the exits through the middle of the second half. Not that there were many people on the east side to begin with. The attendance for this particular whooping was unfortunately lacking. But a treat to those who did attend!

Another Mauro appearance!

While I was thankful for the appearance of Mauro Diaz, meaning there were no set backs after last game, I still cringe every time Mauro Diaz gets touched. He get hit a couple times but got up on his own each time. So hopefully the cringing will subside by the third game he gets out there, or by the time he starts?

Also, who got socks? I seemed to have missed the boat on that and I’m not happy that I did.

And finally, your fan quote of the day: “If Lamah scores a hat trick on you, you should be relegated.”

Seriously, who else got socks and how did I miss them? Who’s still cringing when Mauro Diaz gets taken down? Did you miss this amazing game for some reason? Let me know in the comments below!