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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FCD’s big win.

FC Dallas picked up a much needed three points as they downed Real Salt Lake 6-2.

FC Dallas head coach Oscar Pareja

On Jesus Ferreira’s debut…

It’s great. It’s unreal. Really, just to see his dad come and be that important for the club and share the process with him. Now, I am watching his son playing. I have seen this kid grow up with my son because he is in the same age group. So it’s unbelievable just to see them now on the field and being part of the scoring also. Tonight, he should be really proud and happy.

On Victor Ulloa’s 100th appearance…

Victor’s game tonight is his 100th. What a beautiful night. You have him coming from the academy, being captain of the team and completing 100 games which is not very easy to do in Major League Soccer at his age. I am very proud of Victor, very happy.

On tonight’s historic match…

We are very happy because it was truly a magical night for the club. So many positive things happened, the 1,000th goal for the club, Lamah’s hat-trick that brings a lot of confidence for him and the team because we know he can help us with scoring. Ferreira’s debut and goal, and Victor’s 100th game, and he did it as the captain. Honestly, I think God has gifted all of us a special night. We are going to enjoy it because we have worked hard for this and the guys have suffered because they have given up goals and not been able to score. But they have accepted it with humility and today sport has awarded them.

On the products coming from the academy…

It’s an immense step for the academy because of the products coming from it. From the players to the coaches and the work they have done, it’s been expressed in the professional games. When the players are playing well and not only playing but showing the personality that Jesus [Ferreira] showed tonight, it’s a step forward for this club and academy.

FC Dallas winger Roland Lamah

On his performance on tonight…

I’m happy because we take three points. Today, before the game the Godfather [Oscar Pareja] said we have to play serious, to play to take three points. I’m happy for the team. I’m happy, just happy.

On scoring three goals in 31 minutes…

It’s a special night. In the first half, scoring three goals… It’s very difficult but my teammates helped me.

Is he finally finding a rhythm?

Like I said last week, now I feel comfortable. I feel good because it’s not easy. I’ve [been here] six months and now I feel good. I think ‘keep going, keep going.’ It’s not finished, the season is long. Keep going, just keep going.

On sending a message to the rest of the league that’s he’s “here and ready to score.”

A little bit, yeah. I know I can score. I know I can give assists. I just have to be confident. I think that the team has helped me. I think I can do a lot of things well.

On scoring the second-fastest hat trick in MLS history …

Really? I just stay myself, just keep going, working and I think I can help the team like today.

FC Dallas forward Jesus Ferreira

On making his MLS debut…

I mean making your debut is just an amazing feeling. To be able to score in the first game that you play as a professional, there are no words that can describe this feeling. It was an emotional night because my dad used to play here. I played for the academy since I was nine years old. It’s just an emotional feeling because I got my first game with this club. Every kid wants to have his debut and score a first goal and I had the opportunity tonight.

On his thoughts before scoring his first goal…

I just saw that it was me and the ‘keeper. I just thought to myself that this is the moment that you can score, this is your one-on-one. This is what you are doing, putting the ball in the net.

On the advice he got from other homegrown players…

They knew that I could play in this match. They had faith in me. They told me to go out there and play the game and to be calm because everything would be okay.

FC Dallas Homegrown midfielder Victor Ulloa

On making his 100th MLS regular-season appearance…

I am so happy to be so blessed. I am honored to have played here 100 games. Hopefully, I’ll be here for 100 more.

Comparing your first game to this game, what is the biggest difference in your style of play?

Maturity. Now, I am comfortable on the ball. I needed that experience that you’re only able to get by playing games.

On playing in a more attacking role due to the absence of Kellyn Acosta

It’s something that we worked on during the week… getting the ball back and getting it forward as fast as possible. Carlos [Gruezo] got the ball forward and earned an assist. I was able to as well. We were missing Kellyn [Acosta] a little bit but I’m glad to be able to step up tonight.