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Quick Burns: Which current FC Dallas player is most likely be transferred out first?

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With a young and talented team, players sticking it out long-term may be tough for FC Dallas.

MLS: Pachuca at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we asked this question on Twitter:

With all the hype surrounding an exit for one of our many young, talented players, FC Dallas may be forced to part with one of them before the end of the year. Our staff is here to discuss who they think could be the first to go.

Scott Hiney - Walker Zimmerman

Although it’s true I did not think Walker would be the first to go prior to Tuesday’s transfer rumors, it makes total sense to me why he’d be the first player lured away.

Smart, young central defenders are hard to come by — especially if a team’s budget is in mind. There are probably 25 young center backs better than Zimmerman playing at smaller clubs or lower leagues in Europe, but they’d likely demand a higher transfer fee and probably don’t have any national team experience — and this makes Walker ripe for the picking. His game perfectly fits in the Bundesliga considering his size and ability on aerial balls, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him plucked by a German side preparing for the 2017 season.

Any delay in this happening might just be due to clubs waiting until Zimmerman logs minutes after being back from injury to ensure he still has the same promising abilities.

Jason Poon - Jesus Ferreira

Going with a bit of a dark horse pick. Zimmerman has been injured too frequently to warrant a transfer. Scott’s right, he will be the most tempting in terms of a value option in a critical position, but his frequency in the Injured List will detract any potential suitors.

Ferreira makes the most sense for me as he will also command a relatively inexpensive transfer fee AND has a very high ceiling potential in a very sexy position. If someone rang up Fernando and said $2 million, I’d imagine the response will be “Where do I sign?”

Drew Epperley - Carlos Gruezo

While I think Zimmerman and Kellyn Acosta will gain a lot of interest over the next few months, I see Gruezo being the first of the bunch to get a big enough offer.

But here is the catch on him and all of the rest, I think it will happen next summer. Sure the Gold Cup is going to raise the profile for Acosta and Matt Hedges, Jesse Gonzalez’ USMNT switch is big but he still has to earn an actual roster spot there, and someone else could still make that leap out of no where a la Alejandro Zendejas. I just see next summer as the big exit point for some of these guys around the World Cup. The money will be bigger for some of them to wait then anyways.

Jeff Loftin - Carlos Gruezo

Gruezo will be the first chip to fall in my opinion. He wants to go to the World Cup next summer and likely he will get offers to go back to Europe. There are certainly rumblings about several FCD guys and l think that we will likely see two guys out this summer. Ecuador sits two points behind Argentina for a playoff spot in WC qualifying and our boy has not been called up as much as he would like recently and his minutes have dwindled when called in. A move back to Europe might see his chances boosted, and thus I see him doing what he thinks will help him get to Russia.

Having said that, I think Zim will be the second and last chip to fall. He is young, athletic, strong in the air, has national team experience + potential and pretty good with his feet. I imagine the team will get several offers for him that will meet his buyout clause resulting in a small bidding war will get the FC Dallas front office a nice influx of money. I would be surprised if they did not bring in another CM and CB during the summer window, but we will see. That’s right guys, I do not see Kellyn leaving this summer. He will leave in the winter 2018 window.

Nathan Hill - Maxi Urruti

Maybe just maybe Zim or Gruezo or Hedges go east, but could Urruti also be a target? If he scores a few more, you can bet some mid-table teams will be taking a hard look. Then FCD will have to figure out if they will commit their future to the in-form and in his prime striker.

Etan Cohn - Zimmerman

With all the transfer news swirling around him right now, I do think Walker Zimmerman could get sold soon to Europe. Remember that he had a trial with Norwegian club Viking FK a little over a year ago, which could signal he wants a move to Europe, although I think that was more to look for playing time at that moment. Zimmerman should be drawing international attention right now, and he may be the next player to go from Dallas.

Another player that I could see leaving is a center mid, but he isn't Gruezo nor Acosta. Gruezo seems happy here for now, and I couldn't see Acosta leaving right now during his rise with the USMNT. The center midfielder that I'm thinking could be next is Victor Ulloa. The position would not be empty, with Cermeño and Hayes both promising young players. If Ulloa were to go, however, it would be an intra-league trade to a fellow MLS club that could use a starting defensive midfielder and is willing to give up a lot for Victor.