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View from the East: Orange Seats

Those orange seats got to watch a feisty affair!

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It was a heated Friday night in Dallas with FC Dallas making a tough trip to Houston. No TXA 21 this time around as you had to either go with a sketchy Facebook feed or the dreaded UniMas channel. Not only was the Facebook feed a little suspect, but that field did not look wholesome at all. Neither were the attitudes on the pitch as the weather wasn’t the only thing that heated up during the match.

Facebook Feed

There was a number of complaints on the Facebook feed, whether it was finding it, or the quality of it. For example, one weird thing was the sound not always syncing up during the match. Then it seemed to have depended on where you live or if you had your VPN turned off and on. A lot of kinks left to work out for these Facebook feeds but I’m liking the direction we’re going with them.

I do want to go against the grain here and say I’m happy there was this Facebook feed as the commentators were a little better than what you’d normally get on the Spanish channels when listening to their English feed. Not just the commentators but also the interaction with the viewers watching. More interaction with the viewers is quickly becoming more prevalent in TV and MLS is locking in on that. It was fun participating in the polls and listening to opinions from other viewers. To me anyway.

That Ugly Pitch

Wow. With all the recent talk on FC Dallas changing their grass to a different type for summer, seeing what was going on in Houston made me wonder if Houston cares about their grass. Or if they see it as some sort of weird home field advantage? Speaking of ugly, things got a little ugly between the teams there towards the end. Alex from the Houston Dynamo started acting demickey taking umbrage with whatever Grana was saying to him. We got to see Ulloa put some fire in his belly as he stood up for Grana against Alex.

And now, your fan quote of the day: “Well, that was a game.” Yeah. Not the most exciting match by far.

What are your thoughts on the Facebook feed of the match? Do you prefer no Facebook feed? Did Houston just tear their grass up the night before for fun? Let me know in the comments below!