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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from the second leg of the Texas Derby

FC Dallas went down to Houston and came away with a solid 1-1 draw on Friday night.

FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Pareja (English and Spanish)

(on opening thoughts of game) “I liked the game. I liked it especially in the first half. We sort of once again scored much more than what we had when we worked off the field. The boys kept the patience in the game. I thought we just continued to do what we did well in the first half. We were just having the possession and controlling the game and creating options. In the second half we had a couple chances and then we got to score. It was very fair for us. We tried to keep pushing, but after the 65 or 70 minute we started to just drag our legs and it was hot and humid. We need to concentrate and get a good block and defend well, because they were throwing bodies up front also and trying to get some options in the end. With the performance, I am pleased with more than the result.”

(on the Texas Derby series this year) “Houston has gotten better obviously. They have heat in Houston. We have a lot of players that create a lot of trouble for the other team and it was pretty level. It was a good representation of the form that Dallas and Houston have. We come up with a point. We will take it. We will keep aiming for the three points we are missing now.”

(on MF Mauro Diaz making his first MLS start of the season) “I thought he played well in the first half, getting the connections and making some key plays where it put us in front of the goal. That’s what we are yelling for; that’s what we are asking for and Mario Díaz came out today and did it. I knew that after the 60th minute it was going to be hard on his body. He could do more but I didn’t want to stretch and I very happy and pleased to have him back.”

(on Houston’s substitutions toward the end of the match) “I knew when I didn’t see (FW) Alberth Elis in the lineup, that the strategy for Houston was to , after the seventieth minute, come and get wide and vertical. At that point, when we didn’t have (FC Dallas MF) Mauro (Díaz), I felt having four in the back was probably too short for us. I wanted to extend the line to the five and control the wings. In doing that, keeping the balance in the middle and the opportunity we take one forward less where we are not as aggressive but at the same time we have more space for (FC Dallas FW) Cristian Colmán, (FC Dallas MF) Michael Barrios, (FC Dallas FW) Tesho Akindele, and (FC Dallas FW) Maximiliano Urruti. We neutralized them. The rest of the game was control.”

(on FW Maximiliano Urruti’s performance) “With the generosity and tactical discipline, he inspired us in the defensive phase of the game. We’re very, very glad and very pleased to see Maxi on this level.”

FC Dallas DF Aaron Guillen

(on the changes in Houston’s starting lineup) “I think we need to just take what the game gives us. We trained during the week with different players that could come in or even start, and I think the guys did a good job when (Dynamo MF) Alex came off the bench.”

(on his coach’s instructions before he entered the game) “They just told me to go do what I know to do. Just go out there, defend, give everything I have, and just try and keep the score back there.”

(on his chance to get forward and put in a cross) “That’s not usually what I do, but playing in this position now, I’m adapting more and more and I think I’m growing into that position more.”

FC Dallas DF Matt Hedges

(on the game overall) “It was pretty even in this game. Both teams had chances and both teams got a goal.”

(on Houston’s counterattack) “Yeah, they seem to like to do that a lot – counter, counter a lot when we’re trying to build up. Like you said, we had some chances in the beginning, then they got their goal. And then things kind of evened up. Maybe they had a little bit more of the ball and chances towards the second part.”

(on FC Dallas FW Maximiliano Urruti) “You give him one opportunity and he’s going to put it away. I think that’s a great asset to our team, when you have a guy like that who can score out of nowhere.”

(on the physicality of the game tonight and whether that’s due to it being a Derby) “Yeah, I mean we don’t really like each other that much, so that’s just kind of how it goes.”

(on whether he’s looking forward to the third round of this year’s Texas Derby) “Oh yeah. It’ll definitely be a fun one.”

FC Dallas FW Maximiliano Urruti (English)

(on his goal) “It was a fast play, it was a good pass by (FC Dallas MF) Mauro (Díaz) to (FC Dallas MF) Michael (Barrios), Mikey had seen me coming from behind and gave me a good cross. I wasn’t confident enough to hit it on a first touch, so I touched the ball and hit the ball between the legs of the defender.”

(on which international derby can be compared with the Texas Derby) “These are different matches, the culture is different here and sometimes rivalries are more intense. The opponent will not respect you as much when they visit, but to be honest you enjoy these type of derbies because they are beautiful and the people enjoy it. This is a good show; the opponent tries to play and they don’t try at all to mess the game up, which is the expectations of the fans.”

(on playing 90 minutes in Houston’s heat) “It’s hard to come from Vancouver, where is cold, and then come here with the humidity and the heat here is a lot. We are trying to adapt the best that we could. I think in the second half we came in better adapted to the weather and had a better attitude and we tied the game. Then we got tighter so we could get the ball more and then look for (FC Dallas FW) Cristian (Colmán) or (FC Dallas MF) Michael (Barrios) or any other player that could run at the defenders. We don’t leave saddened because we tied, since getting points on this field is really hard.”